Minutes Executive Council meeting 13 December 2010

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

13 December 2010, 7pm

Meeting held by telephone conference call


Present:  Andy Smith, Rhys Taylor, Daphne Bell, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Mike Mellor, Liz Thomas, Meg Christie, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies:  Peter Kortegast, Willemijn Vermaat

Confirmation of Minutes of 15 November 2010 meeting
Resolved  Daphne, Meg, carried
That the minutes of the Executive Council meeting on 15 November 2010 be confirmed

 Matters arising

Walk2Work day resources
Meg has looked at online resources – a lot of detailed material, considered comprehensive.
Need an updated link for 2011 day. Some councils have committed to being involved. Possible partners Heart Foundation, Cancer Society, Bone Health, Arthritis NZ and DHBs

ACTION: Meg to talk to Christchurch City, and possible health partners
Andy to raise with Auckland Transport Walking / Cycling coordinators (Auckland – North have indicated it’s in their budget).

Footprints – Willemijn has picked up coordination of this, including working with Freda.

Winding up office
Operational manual has not been updated and may not be useful in current form. Andy asked that all documentation be sent as is, so it can be reviewed as necessary.

ACTIONS: Andy will receive and handle all matters relating to finance, accounts including Walk Wellington operations. All documentation relating to accounts / finance to be sent to Andy.

ACTION: Gay will receive phone, general email (Gay noted problems with CiviCRM, needs to be sorted with help of Pete Davis)

ACTION: Mike to collect PO Box mail in the interim and direct to Andy/Gay/Walk Wellington as appropriate.

Noted that Walk Wellington may wish to review whether they manage their own accounts / Living Streets Aotearoa relationship. The end of the financial year would be the best time to implement any change, if appropriate.

Cheque signatories
Resolved: Gay, Daphne, carried
That Meg Christie and Rhys Taylor both be added as cheque signatories and that Liz Thomas be removed as a cheque signatory. Andy Smith and Mike Mellor remain as cheque signatories. [Noted that Liz has returned her credit card via Rhys and this has been cut up.]

ACTION: Andy to contact Daniel Baunton, Business Advisor, Kiwibank manager to complete paperwork to effect these changes.

 Make-SHIFT (also known as Greening the Rubble) – proposed local Christchurch activity for LSA
Meg explained this is the post-earthquake project to utilise vacant urban spaces, temporarily in Christchurch. Funding being offered by the Council. Originally conceived as collaborative project but now Living Streets Aotearoa is being offered a $15,000 plus GST grant-contractual relationship to coordinate this project, initially for a six month period – extendable  up to 18 months.

2nd draft of contract has been circulated. Very much a standard contract but conditions can be modified by mutual agreement. Meg and Rhys are working with Tony Moore on this. Chris asked how much time the Executive would need to commit to managing this. Meg assured the Executive that the project would be supported by the Christchurch branch and the intention is to employ a project coordinator. Rhys has declared a conflict of interest as he would like to take on this role if the grant was accepted, and has endorsement to do this from our Christchurch branch committee.

Already Living Streets profile has been raised with other interest groups e.g. landscape designers and urban planners. Executive commitment would include reporting progress, possibly May and August 2011 to negotiate grant extensions and the appointment and supervision of contract worker. The Executive agreed by consensus (Rhys abstained) to proceed with intention to revisit whether the project was meeting Living Streets’ objectives at first progress point, May 2011.

ACTION Executive
How this project fits with Living Streets future objectives/development  to be discussed at March Face to Face.

Resolved Meg, Daphne, carried (Rhys abstained)
That the following matters be progressed:

1. Approval for Living Streets Aotearoa Inc. to take part in the Christchurch Make-SHIFT project, as endorsed by Canterbury Branch.

2. Acceptance of a six month, $15,000 (+GST and renewable) 9th December grant offer from CCC. See attached - Indicate now any revisions of  wording sought, and nominate two signatories.

Andy and Meg to negotiate and be signatories

3. Allocation of a proportion of this grant to the charity's overhead costs such as insurance policies and accounting: $1,000 suggested.

4. Renew LSA inc's professional indemnity insurance cover for 2010-2011 year (is currently invoiced, close to lapsing, pending our decision) ACTION: Andy to arrange if not done by Liz before Christmas, cost may rise if policy lapses and has to be re-negotiated.

5. Agreement in principle to contract a project worker to implement the grant funded work, initially through to 30 June 2011 noting that a review of progress in May 2011 will determine grant extension. 

6. Nominate two Exec members to a contract management (governance) role on this project and empower them to contract with a project worker from 10 Jan 2011 on behalf of LSA. ACTION: Andy and Meg:  may wish to recommend a budget limit based on hourly rate calculation and/or to specify progress milestones or similar, upon which staged payments be made?

7. Exec members would also need to consider and then two be empowered to sign a legal document that will be used to gain access to land for the temporary parks/gardens, drafted to provide clarity for both LSA and the landowners and thus avoid disputes. (draft of this document to follow) Noted that we need to be ready to sign an up to 6 month temporary access agreement on the first site as early as 19th of this month: it's the former Asko shop site at corner of Salisbury Street and Victoria Street, Christchurch.

8. To implement action on the grant, Either: approve subject to contract, the appointment of Rhys Taylor of 5/83 Huxley Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, to this Project Worker contract or immediately commence a competitive recruitment process in Christchurch.

9. To provide a project page(s) on the LSA website.

Executive Face to Face Planning Meeting 2011
Date confirmed as weekend 19-20 March in Christchurch – suggested arrival Friday evening (18th). Local branch to be asked to assist with planning – billeting to be considered.

[Update since meeting: Rhys has received offer of free weekend meeting venue from Steve Abley: boardroom with computer a/v equipment, lounge area, kitchen, copier, etc.]  

Working with CAN
The discussion on closer alignment of entities has been begun – see Google docs. There are strong views for and against.

ACTION Executive A point for discussion at March Face to Face.

Joint Walking / Cycling conference 2012
A 2011 cycling conference is already being planned.
A joint walking/cycling conference in 2012 has been proposed and there is general agreement that this would be easier to resource – encourage good attendance from mutual interest groups.  Need to avoid close proximity to world Safety Conference to be held in Wellington, 1-5 Oct 2012.

ACTION Andy to continue discussion with CAN and then at Face to Face

NZTA 2011/12 Research Programme
An invitation to submit desirable research activities within fairly restrictive programme objectives. Reduction of deaths/injuries and mode choice most likely to fit. Meg mentioned that local member – Jillian Frater, keen to do some research

ACTION Chris, Gay and Andy (seek input from Jillian) to draft brief submission before 20 January 2011.

Financial Report
Resolved Andy, Meg, carried
That the financial report for November 2010 be approved.

Andy noted that Walk Wellington liability needs to be shown clearly on Balance Sheet

Future meeting dates / times
Agreed that 4th Monday, at 6pm would work best for Executive.
Next meeting 24 January 2011 (noted this will be Wellington anniversary day – Mike’s apologies noted).

ACTION Gay to draw up schedule for year

Other Urgent Business

Building competitive cities
Daphne noted that a submission on this is due on 17 December 2010.

ACTION Daphne and Rhys to draft a submission

Recognition and thanks to Liz Thomas, Living Streets Aotearoa Director

Led by Mike the Executive recognise Liz’s contribution to Living Streets Aotearoa. Liz was  thanked for her efforts and the stress she has been put under in the last few months was acknowledged. Mike noted that gifts have been purchased to give to Liz at an appropriate time.

Resolved Andy, Rhys, carried
That the gifts purchased (via Mike) and $200 cash be contributed by Living Streets Aotearoa as parting gifts.   

Item for next Agenda
Draft concept of what Living Streets should focus on / achieve in the next financial year for further discussion and decisions at March Face to Face.  

Andy wished all a Merry Christmas

Meeting closed 8.20pm


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