Minutes Executive Council meeting 24 January 2011

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

24 January 2011, 6pm

Meeting held by telephone conference call


Present:  Andy Smith, Daphne Bell, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Meg Christie, Willemijn Vermaat, Rhys Taylor, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies:  Mike Mellor, Peter Kortegast

Confirmation of Minutes of 13 December 2010 meeting
Resolved Chris, Daphne , carried
That the minutes of the Executive Council meeting on 13 December 2010 be confirmed

 Matters arising

Walk2Work Day – Willemijn will update website, may be able to update the frontpage

ACTION: Gay check with Pete Davis re frontpage update, Willemijn and Gay to update as information available.

Footprints – Willemijn working on issue to go out in February, please send any additional copy asap – especially Rhys on Greening the Rubble

ACTION: Willemijn to circulate draft February Footprints to Executive early February.

NZTA research challenges – expressions of interest – did not meet deadline on this.
(Note a further opportunity to submit received 26 Jan – Chris wrote brief response relating to speed reduction – emailed to NZTA 28 January).

Winding up office
Andy, Gay and Mike spent 28 December sorting out what remained in office. Some material stored in Mike’s garage, some went to Auckland with Andy & Gay, including a PC.

ACTION: Check with Mike whether remaining rubbish has been cleared. Andy to check rental payment has ceased.

Need to check that everyone has appropriate permissions.

ACTION: Gay to follow up with Pete, and ask that CiviCRM mailing error be fixed.

Joint Walking / Cycling conference 2012
Andy asked for others to join him on organising committee conference call. Willemijn volunteered.

ACTION: Andy to advise them of meeting time.

Greening the Rubble

Meg and Rhys described the enthusiasm generated by recent events and the goodwill and support in kind being offered by many organisations and individuals. Receiving good media coverage - on Canterbury TV and in The Press.  Explained that MakeSHIFT is the steering group overseeing the project which is called Greening the Rubble.

Lots of potential sites. Need to manage time carefully.

ACTION: Rhys will write monthly report – to Meg & Andy and to be circulated to the Executive and provide updates for website, Footprints.

Walk2Work Day – 16 March 2011
Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch councils have indicated events will take place. A shoe retailer has expressed interest in sponsoring event.

ACTION: Gay to continue correspondence with potential sponsor, keep Executive informed.

Face 2 Face Meeting (18/19 March 2011 – Christchurch)

Steve Abley has offered boardroom and office facilities for meeting. Opposite one of the Greening the Rubble sites. There are a number of walking events that weekend which we may be able to join. Megan and Rhys offered accommodation for Exec.

Chris put in his apologies for this meeting as he will be hosting David Engwicht workshop in Palmerston North. May be able to connect via Skype on Sunday.

ACTION: Megan to organise dinner venue for Friday (please indicate arrival times) and Saturday.

Need to draft agenda – possibly ask members what key issues are.

ACTION: Next scheduled conference call – 28 February will focus on planning agenda. Andy, Mike and Rhys to facilitate.

Rhys to circulate ideas for F-2-F. Please provide feedback.

Walk21 Conference (Vancouver, 2-5 October 2011)
Gay plans to be travelling at that time and would like to attend. Opportunity to put in a poster presentation featuring Greening the Rubble noted.

ACTION: Gay/Rhys to ensure abstract is lodged by deadline – 18 February

Financial Report
Resolved Andy, Willemijn  carried
That the financial report for December 2010 be approved.

Andy noted that he will send register of bank transactions with financial report to ensure transparency.

Andy noted that dealing with Walk Wellington accounts was quite a bit of work.

Agreed that Lily Linton would be asked and paid to help with dealing with Walk Wellington accounts and IRD stuff.

Other Business

Manners Mall Safety

Willemijn provided an update on working with the project team to make the route safer for pedestrians after a number of accidents. Disappointing that more robust awareness campaign was not in place before route opened up to buses.

Next Meetings


28 Feb Face to Face planning – 6pm

Open to all Executive – short meeting


Next full Executive Meeting 


23 May, 6pm


Meeting closed 7.15pm

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