Minutes Executive Council meeting 9 May 2011


Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

9 May 2011, 6pm

Meeting held by telephone conference call


Present:  Daphne Bell, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Meg Christie, Mike Mellor, Willemijn Vermaat, Rhys Taylor, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies:  Andy Smith

Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Transport

Mike emphasised the importance of making a submission on the draft GPS. The draft engagement document has been circulated and is available on the MoT website – submissions close. 27 May 2011.

Agreed that Mike will draft the Living Streets submission for consideration at the Face-to-Face meeting.

High Rural roads

Submissions are also open on this – Gay will look at how pedestrian issues can be highlighted.

Face – to – Face meeting, New Plymouth 21-22 May

Confirmed that all have arranged accommodation (at least 3 at Seaspray Lodge) and travel. Mike not able to attend. Travel arrangements will mean that Sunday sessions need to end 2-3 pm. Important to cover strategic issues when we are fresh. Need to avoid going over old ground re vision – need to look at what is now realistic from a volunteer based organisation.

Issues that need to be covered NZ Lotteries Commission money, Greening the Rubble project, LSA/CAN conference.  Need a mix of walk and talk for stimulating weekend.

ACTIONS: Willemijn to try fit agenda items from Google docs into tight timetable with input from Andy regarding input from local group, council officers. Gay to find key strategy documents as basis for discussion going forward. Andy to update on any outstanding logistics / catering issues.

Greening the Rubble

Meg provided update on new project on Riccarton Rd – secret garden, revisiting site in St Asaph St. Victoria green now open to public – there will be a celebration on 14 May. Community continues to offer sites and offer support in many ways. Still negotiating with a major sponsor. Project is requesting endowments from site donors. Website being developed – using Wordpress.

Daphne noted that Rhys’ report is a model of accounting for time and expenditure.. 

Rhys is carefully documenting project. Living Streets is seen as a good host organisation and gets good profile and good will from the project.  Living Streets has an opportunity to submit on look/shape of rebuilt CBD –there is a strong call for a walkable liveable city, Jan Gehl will be involved. The proposal for a multimedia presentation – Hearts and Hands greening the rubble prepared by Rhys and Gay has been accepted for a breakout session by Walk21. Gay will present it in Vancouver in October 2011.


Gay noted that one recipient of a voucher from Walk to Walk was unhappy as only women’s shoes were available. Unfortunate that he complained to Ziera. Neither we nor the company had made any representations of what could be purchased with the voucher. A letter thanking the PR company and Ziera for their sponsorship should be written. Invite to be involved again next year.

Appointment of Auditor

It was discussed whether the expense of an auditor was required. If not required by constitution (we beliee it is not) a review would be acceptable, at considerably less cost.

Resolved: Mike, Meg, carried

That we agree in principle that a review would be an acceptable alternative to an audit and a suitable person for this task be sought..


Confirmation of Minutes of 24 January 2011 meeting
Resolved Meg ,Dephe  carried
That the minutes of the Executive Council meeting held on 24 January 2011 be confirmed.

Grant application for Greening the Rubble

Resolved: Meg, Daphne, carried

That the Living Streets executive authorise a grant application to Christchurch City Council for the Greening the Rubble (Makeshift project – Rhys to confirm details)

Meeting closed 6.50pm





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