Minutes Executive Council meeting 28 June 2011


Minutes of Living Streets Aotearoa Inc Executive meeting

28 June 2011,  6.00pm by teleconference


Present: Meg Christie, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Andy Smith, Daphne Bell, Mike Mellor, Willemijn Vermaat, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies: Rhys Taylor

Minutes of last meeting

Resolved: Carried

That the minutes of the meeting held 9 May 2011 be accepted.

Make-SHIFT / Greening the Rubble

Meg provided an update on the Make-SHIFT /  Greening the Rubble project. Rhys is doing an amazing job managing sites, volunteers, materials, and sources of funding. His report was received. There are a range of different sites and good media coverage. Further community funding has been applied for.

The issue of 68 voluntary, “unfunded” hours worked by Rhys above those contracted for, was discussed, It was agreed that Living Streets is not in a position to pay for additional uncontracted hours.

ACTION: Meg will discuss this with Rhys

ACTION: Andy to check that Rhys has been paid for full 300 hours for the period.


Willemijn has all the copy for Footprints ready. Should be able to get it together by end of next week. Could have some longer items on the web.  Regions update to be moved to next issue and focus on whole year.

Still seeking an Interview with Mayor of Hastings – Lawrence Yule or possibly Mayor of New Plymouth (the two model communities).


Gay continuing to work on getting subscriptions in. Some may need invoices which Andy can arrange.


Discussion of how phone conference on 23 August at 7:30pm should be run.

Andy working on how to pay for AGM telecommunications, seeking possible sponsors.

 A password for that particular period can be arranged.

Andy has Started writing President’s report. Could put on video.

Recommended that there be an AGM page on the Living Streets website.

Logistics of knowing who’s “at meeting” and voting needs to be clear. Easiest to organise if numbers gathered at limited number of locations.

General Business

Walking Awards

Meg reported that CAN know how they want to run it. Possible sponsors to approach: Hastings & Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Matthew Rednall, Auckland Transport, Ziera, Hikoi, HBDHB, regional sports organisation. Seek publicity from local radio stations, newspaper.

Speed limits

Chris suggested we should put more effort into advocating for lower speed limits. Highlight the impact of trials in Selwyn, Hamilton, Auckland and around schools. Raise profile – avoid adversarial role. Look for opportunities to promote lower speeds in town centre, round schools and share ideas.

Financial Report

Financial report for May received.

ACTION: Andy needs to write report to Lotteries commission – reporting on website and Footprints funding. May need clarification from Liz.

In the media

Mike noted article in latest Listener by Bill Ralston– walkers and cyclists, and in

Metro – proposal to ban cars from Queen Street.

Upcoming Events

Willemijn noted an event to be held in Wellington - 24 September 2011

 Meeting closed: 6.58pm




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