Minutes Executive Council meeting 12 December 2011


Living Streets Aotearoa Executive meeting

held 12 December 2011 at 7.00pm by teleconference


Present: Andy Smith, Rhys Taylor, Meg Christie, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Gay Richards

Apologies: Mike Mellor, Villemijn Vermaat, (for lateness)


Minutes of meeting held 8 November 2011-12-18

Resolved that the minutes of the Living Streets Aotearoa executive meeting held 8 November 2011 be accepted.

Moved, Meg Christie, Andy Smith, carried

Matters arising

Andy has spoken Jenny Gianotti at NZTA. Living Streets has agreed to help to publicise change to the right hand rule and its potential impact on pedestrians

Gay did contact Daphne about Trafinz but not aware whether there was any official from Living Streets.

Conference 2012

2WalkCycle conference coming up 22-24 February in Hastings.  Earlybird registration rate closes 21 December. People need to apply for advocate rate by that date.  Executive encouraged to apply for advocate rate or encourage others from their groups to do so. It could be possible to meet up on the Tuesday afternoon (21 February).  

It was noted that Living Streets Aotearoa Inc. has not been included on the conference flyer, but should be.

MakeSHIFT / Greening the Rubble

Rhys has been making regular reports. He would like to confirm that executive has been  receiving these. Project is ahead of schedule. First site in the process of deconstruction (Victoria Street) –turf and wild flowers in still in place till the site is redeveloped. Still wailing on the Barbados street site, Columbo Street sites in progress.  Community garden in Fitzgerald Ave is a collab12.orative project also possibly a community library site. Donations coming in too. Meg proposes some of these donations could be put towards more hours for Rhys. 

An administrator has also been employed for 5 hours per week to help coordinate volunteers.

The formation of a local trust is in progress planning to be operational from July 2012. Potential trustees discussed. Living Streets could consider being a nominating body. Meg will circulate draft trust document. Transfer of funds between charities should not be a problem.

Resolved that Living Streets agrees in principle to Greening the Rubble progressing to creating a Christchurch based trust  to manage its own affairs from July 2012.

Moved Andy, Chris, carried

We will review a final draft trust document in January. Rhys and Meg thanked Living Streets for helping this project get off the ground.


The Footprints 2011 Annual report edition still needs work. This document is at http://tinyurl.com/3j4xx5k

It was agreed that we should aim to publish this by 10 February 2012.

So content needed by 30 January 2012. Andy to coordinate.

ACTION.  Executive to review current content, provide relevant copy. To provide a review of the 2010/2011 year,


New memberships, around 5 this month . Please continue to encourage people to join.

Membership as at 12/12/2011 - 209 members.

Walking Awards

Nominations have closed. Grand total of 10. Number disappointing but they are of good quality. There will be slide presentation of awards. Meg thanked for her effort. In future these awards may need more money to promote more effectively.

Pedestrian priority at intersections

Australian and Canada have rule that pedestrians have right of way at intersections. Executive discussed how to progress this. This is inline with the submission Mike made on latest NZTA road user rule changes. Andy offered to raise this with Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central. Another priority should be to raise the profile of pedestrians in Road Code test. We should review the Road Code to identify our top priorities. Then develop a campaign.

Speed issues for rural schools.

Chris raised issue of schools on rural roads. He has received an email from Rural Women New Zealand. That organisation is campaigning to reduce speed limits outside rural schools. They hosted a forum in November including people from a range of organisations. Speed outside rural schools and speed when passing school buses are major issues. Rural Women would welcome our involvement. TERNZ have published a report – Rural Schools.

We agreed that we support Rural Women’s position. Chris happy to continue to be the conduit for working with them on this issue.

Financial Report

Financial position, current balance $97,000 including Greening the Rubble ($47,000) funds.  Rhys will meet with Andy late January in Auckland to discuss Green the Rubble funds.

The petty cash entry for Walk Wellington needs a journal entry to remove.  There is no further involvement in their finances or administration.

Resolved that Financial Report for November 2011 be accepted.

Moved Andy, Meg, carried

Other business

Agreed that there should be a Christmas card email. 

Greening the Rubble doing a local mail out.

Meeting closed 8.16pm





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