Minutes AGM 2 August 2010

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held on 2 August 2010 at 4.30pm

James Cook Grand Chancellor



Willemijn Vermaat, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Rhys Taylor, Lily Linton, Andrew MacBeth, Judy, Cox, Joelle Xavier, Angie Crafer, Judy Martin, Graeme Easte, Fiona Whero, Kelvin Aris, Chrys Horn, Cindy Carmichael, Rainey Cowan, Allen Blake, Mike Mellor, Paula Warren, Daphne Bell, Meg Christie, Anne van der laan, Robyn Davies, Simon Kennett, Carina Duke, Steve Abley, Liz Thomas, Andy Smith, Peter Kortegast, Gay Richards

A quorum was confirmed.

Apologies: Nina Arron, Noeline Gannaway, Pete Huggins, Jean-Paul Thull,  Red Lunday de Waal , Gran Scofielsd

. Resolved (moved Peter, Gay, carried)

That apologies be accepted.

Welcome: The meeting was opened by President Peter Kortegast

Confirmation of Minutes:

Resolved (moved , Daphene Rhys  carried)

 That the minutes of the 2009 Living Streets Aotearoa Inc. AGM be confirmed.

Matters arising 

Rhys mentioned Climate action partnership, and invited members to be involved.

Andy explained that Living Streets Aotearoa funds moved to Kiwibank, not Promtheus due to the financial situation.

President’s Report

Peter Kortegast tabled the annual report to 31 March 2010, including the President’s Report.

  Resolved (moved Peter, Mike , carried)

That the President’s Report be received.

Peter spoke to the report commenting that he had learnt a lot. He acknowledged Liz Thomas’ contribution as the face of our organisation. And the work of the Executive.

The work of the staff -  Kelvin, Lily, Janet Fiona was also acknowledged.

Members of the Executive farewelled – Carina, after four years, thanked particulatly for her attention to accessibility issues, and Nina, after year providing great policy input.

Concluded that there is no certainty in the future, but that Living Streets is not going to disappear.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Andy Smith. Noted that a qualified opinion from auditors is standard with non-for-profit organisations when they cannot inspect every transaction.

Noted that Government funding will not be known until early September, but have actively applied to other funders but funds are difficult to obtain in current financial situation. A $20,000 from NZ Lottery fund applied for.

Graeme asked what was plan B?.

Andy responded that if we don’t get minimum  will need about $50,000 to maintain website and newsletters..

Asked why item called National Networking. Answer,  that was the name of the programme

Asked whether there is any other forward income. Answer – no. Noted that many not-for- profits make money from their conferences but this is difficult in current climate.

Graeme suggested seeking bequests

Noted that Living Streets Aotearoa is a registered Charitable organisation, with around 200 members. Any consultancy work would be as separate entity.

Resolved (moved: Andy, Peter, carried)

That the Treasurer’s Report be received.


Election of the Living Streets Aotearoa Executive Council for 2010 – 2011.


President: Andy Smith (Peter,  Graeme )

Vice-President: Mike Mellor (Peter, Carina)

Vice-President: Rhys Taylor (Peter, Carina )

National Secretary Gay Richards  (Liz, Rhys)

National Treasurer:  no nominations

Daphne Bell    (Mike,  Peter)

Meg Christie Carina, Peter)

Peter Kortegast (Liz, Steve)

Chris Teo-Sherrell (Liz, Peter)

Willemijn Vermaat (Liz, Peter)


There being no further nominations, all were declared elected.

Appointment of Auditor

Resolved (moved: Andy, Ellen, carried)

That Kendons be appointed auditors for the coming year.

Other Business

Thanks to Carina, and Kelvin and Lily  since 2006.

Fiona thanked her for her gentle way. Particular thanks from Mike – a stalwart of the office in Christchurch. Fiona still with us till September

Mike thanked Peter as he leaves for Canada

Janet thanked for her contribution, away at present.

Peter commented on the bureaucracy of NZTA funding.

Incoming president – Andy Smith said a few words.

“Go forward and built brand. Concentrate on people – eyes and ears for the councils aof the infrastructure we walk on or they will build us rubbish.” Andy thanked Executive and staff and members for attending this meeting.

Meeting closed 5.40pm

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