Minutes AGM 23 August 2011 (unconfirmed)

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc

Note: These minutes are unconfirmed

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held 23 August 2011, 7.30 pm

Council Office, 3 The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland and by teleconference

Present: Debbie Lang, Margaret Scrymgeour, Red Lunday de Waal, Anne Gibbins, Gay Richards;By teleconference: Andy Smith, Eric Richards, Daphne Bell, Judy McDonald and one other, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Rosie, Mike Mellor, Willemijn Vermaat and 3 others, Rhys Taylor, Meg Christie, Glen Koorey, Andrew MacBeth and 3 others.

Apologies: Paul Eagle, Wayne Willams, Peter Kortegast, Lisa Bridson, Steve Abley, Kaye Livingstone

Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

Resolved: That the minutes of the AGM held 2 August 2010 be accepted
Moved: Andy, Mike, carried

Matters Arising

Noted that an auditor has not been appointed due to cost. It is only necessary for the financial report to be received.

President’s report delivered by Andy

Resolved: That the President’s Report be received.
Moved: Andy, Meg, carried

Financial Report presented by Andy

Noted that the organisation is now reliant on subscriptions and money from managing the Greening the Rubble project. Outgoings have been reduced with no wages or rent to pay. Noted that accounts are unaudited.

Resolved: That the Executive decide at its first meeting how accounts are to be reviewed, subject to the rules of the organisation.
Moved: Mike, Andrew, carried

Resolved: That the Financial Report for the year ended 31 March 2011 be received
Moved: Andy, Daphne, carried


Election of Executive for 2011-2012

Mike took the Chair to conduct the Election of President

The following people were nominated (nominator & seconder shown in brackets)

President: Andy Smith (Mike, Rhys)

Vice President: Mike Mellor (Meg, Andy)

Secretary: Gay Richards (Daphne, Mike)

Treasurer: Andy Smith (Mike, Meg)

Members of the executive: Meg Christie, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Willemijn Vermaat, Rhys Taylor, Daphne Bell (Mike, Gay)

All declared elected.

Daphne proposed a vote of thanks to everyone who had picked up tasks since the office closed.

Other business

Noted that the Walking/cycling Conference is to be held 22-24 February 2012, abstracts due 14 September 2011.

Walking Awards need to be organised.

Thanks to NZTA

Resolved: That NZTA be thanked for making this meeting by teleconference possible
Moved: Mike, Andy, carried.

Meeting closed 8.15pm






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