Living Streets Aotearoa e-bulletin Feb 2013

Public meeting and Street Review workshop

On Saturday April 6 at 12:30 we will walk the streets of Mt Victoria Wellington with pens in hand. Anyone is welcome to join us at the Friends Centre 8 Moncrieff st Mt Victoria where we will go through the Street Review process. Phone Andy Smith on 021 474740 if you need any more details.

What is your Executive committee up to?

The exec will have their annual face to face meting in Wellington on April 6 at the Friends Centre 8 Moncrieff st Mt Victoria. We will set out the year to come and appraise how our campaigns are going.


Here is what some of us are doing in our cities


Andy Smith

Concensus Building Group to find a way to raise revenue for the Auckland Plan's transport programme which will be short $10.4 billion by 2041 if nothing changes.

Ponsonby Road Master Planing group.

Dominion Road alternative Cycle route group.

Wood st community group and the Costley Park improvements.

Rhys Taylor

Greening the Rubble project in Christchurch is thriving in its work of making new but temporary public parks and gardens. It will soon be transferred to local management by Greening the Rubble trust, of which LSA Exec member Meg Christie is a trustee.  See  Project Coordinator and LSA member Rhys Taylor will be leaving that contract role in mid-winter with recruitment soon of a successor.  Sites supervisor Jonathan Hall continues.  The project has earned excellent public recognition of its work , including a Royal Visit, international TV coverage, nine sites being featured in a book on the city’s  transitional projects, a Community Board Service Award and a City Earthquake response ‘hero’ Civic Award.

Gay Richards

Convenor for Living Streets North Shore.

Working with Auckland Transport to have Walk2Work day events at four locations on the Shore.

Supporting community groups to improve pedestrian links - big thanks to Parks for new linkage Bayswater, in advance of bridge widening on Devonport walking/cycling route starting. Hurstmere Rd Project consultation.


Our campaign for drivers to Give Way to pedestrians at intersections

Only in NZ are we at risk on the roads, Canada has the best rules and we want them here

Walking / cycling projects in Hastings and New Plymouth

National : Programmes : Morning Report : Two North Island cities promoting active forms of transport report out this week found health problems associated with lack of exercise are costing the country one point three billion dollars a year.

Some No Exit streets have walking exits

Our campaign to sign thru routes for people and bikes on No Exit streets

Getacross supported by Auckland Transport Committee

Cyclists win support for bridge path - National - NZ Herald News and cyclists are jubilant at winning Auckland Council committee support yesterday for a harbour bridge pathway, but face another workout before a final council sign-off.

Right to roam in Scotland, England, Scandinavia and New Zealand

National Radio : Programmes : Sunday Morning : Ideas for 10 February 2013 - The Right to Roam talks to Marion Shoard, author of This Land is Your Land and The Right to Roam about public access to land and waterways in Britain and Scandinavia; Mark Neeson of the Walking Access Commission; and high country farmer Sue Aspinall.

Aucklands worst pedestrian crossings

Revealed: City's worst crossings - National - NZ Herald News the road is among the most dangerous of everyday activities - and police say even the slightest loss of concentration could have disastrous, if not fatal, results.

Rural school speed limits

More rural schools to get variable speed limits - National - NZ Herald News have embraced a road safety trial which has made a big dent in speeds outside rural schools on potentially dangerous stretches of road.

BMJ says 20 mph (32 kph) zones are effective measures for reducing

Effect of 20 mph traffic speed zones on road injuries in London, 1986-2006: controlled interrupted t 
www.bmj.comAbstractObjective To quantify the effect of the introduction of 20 mph (32 km an hour) traffic speed zones on road collisions, injuries, and fatalities in London.

Is modern transport making war on the human body?

We demand and expect our transport systems to to get us where we want, when we want to be there, and as fast as possible. We are, however, human beings with human bodies. And as with any other built system…


Recently published by UK public health body NICE - guidelines to promote walking and cycling.

Cycling Resource Centre Post November 2012 the UK public health body the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which develops clinical guidelines for the NHS, released guidelines putting cycling and walking at the centre of efforts to improve the nation’s health, saying they should become the norm for...

Watch Friday, bloody Friday

- National - NZ Herald News Friday is the most dangerous day for a stroll in the city.

European want 30kph

30kmh EN | European Citizen´s Initiative "30kmh - making streets liveable!" 
en.30kmh.euWe want to have more traffic safety and a better quality of life. Therefore, we ask for an EU-wide speed limit of 30 km/h (20 mph) in villages and cities. Register to vote with us – support our European Citizen´s Initiative (ECI).

Christchurch should embrace speed restrictions

Chch should embrace speed restrictions - expert - National - NZ Herald News draft plan for Christchurch's new transport system appears to be inconsistent and misses opportunities, says a University of Canterbury transport expert.


Our campaign to Give Way

Call to give pedestrians right of way - National - NZ Herald News have suffered almost a quarter of all deaths on roads around Auckland this year, fuelling a call for greater protection from vehicles at intersections.

Pedestrians given priority in Christchurch transport revamp

Traffic will be slowed and pedestrians given priority in post-quake Christchurch under a draft transport plan, which the public is now invited to have their say on.

Proposed speed limits in Hamilton

Plan to end 50km/h limit - National - NZ Herald News move by Hamilton to become the first city to make the common 50km/h speed limit obsolete is being commended by traffic experts.

The economic benefits of making streets more walking and cycling friendly. -

Walk Auckland The economic benefits of making streets more walking and cycling friendly.Posted onOctober 30, 2012Physical inactivity is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and some cancers. The growing prevalence of physical inactivity in Austra...

Golden Mile considers 20kmph

Golden Mile 20kmh? City Council is considering lowering the speed limit along the Golden Mile to 20kmh.

Police say no Segway vehicles on footpaths

Pizza firm ordered to keep Segways off footpaths - Business - NZ Herald News Police have ordered Segways off the footpaths.

Ponsonby Rd is proving its worth as the third anniversary of the change to a 40kmh maximum approaches.

Limit saving lives A lower speed limit on Ponsonby Road


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