Minutes 2012 AGM - unconfirmed



Minutes of

Living Streets Aotearoa Annual General Meeting

Wellington Council Chamber

18 August 2012


Meeting opened at 3.09pm


Present: Andy Smith, Gay Richards, Rhys Taylor, Meg Christie, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Ronis Chapman, Anna Sunter, Suryaprakash Mishra, Celia Wade-Brown, Kent Duston, Alex Dyer, Liz Thomas, Paula Warren, Magda Buccholz, John Lawson (by telephone from Raglan)


Apologies: Mike Mellor, Willemijn Vermaat, Andy Foster, Peter Kortegast, Susan Radford, Faye Hanna, Kas Craw, Bill Buxton, Niki Carling,  Ellen Blake, Iona Pannett, Susan Cambridge, Tony Francis, Ian McKinnon


The President, Andy Smith, welcomed attendees.


Minutes of the 23rd August 2011 AGM were accepted as a true and correct record (Gay/Chris).


Matters arising from the minutes.


President's Report was read and accepted (Rhys/Celia).


The Treasurer's Financial Report was accepted (Andy/Meg).


There were several questions about the financial report as follows:


Rhys: Is the rate of cashflow enough for the coming year without additional fundraising?

Andy: The conference had a net cost to LSA of about $4800. Although obviously can't do that too often, LSA can probably afford (Andy) to run another at a small loss if that eventuates. Can continue to operate at current rate of cashflow for about another 4 years.


Celia: Will the apparent $39, 113 income make it harder to attract additional funds because of LSA having a healthy bank balance?

Andy: That $39,113 is from the Christchurch City Council and will be paid to Greening the Rubble over the coming months and completely once Greening the Rubble becomes registered as a separate Charitable Trust.


Celia: Perhaps there is merit in putting some of the bank balance into a foundation rather than just slowly spending it until it is all gone.


Liz: Why is the consultancy management $39,602?

Andy: This is the money from the Christchurch City Council for Greening the Rubble. It is simply listed as consultancy management in the expenses but as seminars, events, campaigns and contracts in the income.


Kent: Why has the Walk Wellington expense stayed so high despite its income dropping markedly?

Andy: It was due to LSA returning all Walk Wellington's accumulated funds to Walk Wellington for that organisation to self-manage. LSA no longer receives any guided tour related funding from Walk Wellington and so this item will not appear on our financial statement next year.


Election of Executive Officers:


Andy relinquished the chair and Gay conducted the election of the president.


President :Andy was nominated to continue in the role (Chris/Gay) – approved


Vice President: Chris was nominated (Rhys/Meg) -  approved


Secretary: Chris was nominated (as minutes secretary) (Andy/Meg) – approved


Treasurer: Andy was nominated (Meg/Gay) and approved but the intention is for Anna (executive nominee) to take on this role over once she is familiar with the accounts and accounting system


Executive: Mishra, Anna, Ronis, Gay, Meg, Rhys were nominated (Andy/Paula). Peter can be co-opted upon his return to NZ.

Appointment of Auditor:

It was proposed that the accounts would be reviewed by an accountant rather than audited and that a thorough review of the years over which LSA has received funds for Greening the Rubble would be conducted when final transfer of funds to Greening the Rubble occurs. This review would be at Greening the Rubble's expense. (Rhys/Meg) – approved

Any Other Business:

For the Executive to consider fundraising and the establishment of a separate trust account for LSA's funds. - approved.

The meeting closed at 3.36pm

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