Honorary life membership for Wellington's Mike Mellor

Wellington man Mike Mellor has been recognised as an outstanding champion of the walking public – and that’s all of us. He has for many years promoted, cajoled and even taken court action to ensure that Wellingtonians can walk safely and enjoyably in their public spaces.

Living Streets Aotearoa AGM conferred a honorary life membership on Mike for his dedication to making streets more pedestrian friendly. This includes promoting the Great Harbour Way, taking court action for better pedestrian access to the Kilbirnie Indoor Sports Centre, and cajoling NZTA to consider pedestrians at all in the Transmission Gully road. Mike has always been a great advocate for a more balanced and integrated transport system with a fair deal for all road users as part of our urban fabric.

Mike joins an elite club of only two honorary life members, the other being well known walk advocate and Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown. She like Mike, was also a founding member of Living Streets Aotearoa.