Minister Bridges meets us in Auckland

On Friday Feb 12 we meet with the Minister of Transport Simon Bridges in Auckland.  There were 8 in our delegation representing organisation concerned that the footpath should not get crowded out with new vehicles.  Just that day NZ Post talked about their new delivery tractors going nation wide.

The meeting was good and one of our focus points was asking the Minister to make the NZTA Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide adopted as a standard.

Following is our briefing paper.

Walking is the top recreational activity in NZ.  It helps fight obesity, is good for mental and physical health and reduces congestion as people learn they can walk for short shopping trips.


Points covered in the meeting.

New vehicles are being used on Footpaths and reducing the level of service for walkers.  The Post Office and new electric fully covered electirc are being used of the paths.  What is the future holding for the footpaths and these vehicles? Hoverboards, segways, Bicycles?

The NZ Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide should be adopted as a standard.

The law should be changed so turning vehicles Give Way to pedestrians going straight through at intersections.

There should be more measuring, research and statistics gathered about the amount of walking done in NZ.  We only value what we can measure.

We would like to see a fund for walking from the government, like the FAR used in other modes.  

The funding of Walk to School programmes and Walk to Work should be increased.

Make it easy for pedestrians in urban environments.  Increase road cross times, reduce signal wait time. Slower speeds.  Create infrastructure as described in the NZ Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide.  Vision Zero

Those attending the meeting.

Andy Smith, Gay Richards, Eleanor Stanton from Living Street Aotearoa.

Carina Duke - Blind Foundation

Gerri Pomeroy - CCS Disability Action

Sandy Feringa - Grey Power (as an observer)

Clive Lansink - Blind Citizens NZ

Karen Smith - Dementia NZ

Attached is a photo of our pre-meeting meeting.

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