Footpath Cycling Petition presented by MP Trevor Mallard

Hon Trevor Mallard Parliament WELLINGTON

Dear Mr Mallard

You recently presented a petition to Parliament proposing that children under 14 and their adult caregivers, and those over 65, should be permitted to cycle on the footpath, contrary to the current New Zealand Land Transport User Rules.

Living Streets Aotearoa urges you to consider the perspective of pedestrians (we are all pedestrians every day), and particularly, our most vulnerable citizens – young children, older people, and mobility and sensory impaired people, many of whom may be elderly. Cyclists on the footpath will present a hazard to them.

We do not support this proposal on the following grounds:

  • This would be against a basic principle to not compromise the safety of one group (pedestrians, and disabled people) to maybe improve the safety of another group (people riding bikes)1, 2, 3

  • Evidence suggests footpaths are not a safe place for children or adults to ride5,6,7.

“Moving cyclists to footpaths will not reduce the risk to the cyclist, but it will present new risks to pedestrians.”4

Living Streets Aotearoa supports safer roads for all with slower speeds in residential streets and shopping centres. A 30 km/hour speed limit in these areas would be safer for all road users8. Provision should be made for on-road separated cycle lanes, where traffic speed and volume make cycling less pleasant.

We urge you to reconsider your support for this initiative. Yours sincerely

Andy Smith
President, Living Streets Aotearoa



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