Our Policies

Attached below are our policies on important matters.


We welcome comments from our members and other interested people on these policies.

Intersections -  Living Streets Aotearoa - Policy May 2014

Traffic lights – No Green Cross light and Green traffic light (for turning traffic) should be on in the same direction.  Start Green Cross light before vehicle's green light (at least 5 seconds).

Countdown walk signals to inform pedestrians of time left to cross

At all intersections pedestrians should be able to cross using all 4 sides.

No sweeping Free Left turns (Slip lanes)  as this puts pedestrians at risk getting to the traffic island.

Crossing at roundabouts should be obvious and vegetation free so vehicles can see pedestrians.

Shorter wait times (sub 30 seconds) and longer cross times (for older people) at controlled crossings

Make zebra crossings safer