Annual General Meeting of Living Streets Aotearoa Wednesday 6th July 2016, 12.45pm

Annual General Meeting of Living Streets Aotearoa

Wednesday 6th July 2016, 12.45pm


You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Living Streets Aotearoa which will be held:

- on Wednesday, the 6th of July at 12.45pm

- during the 2Walkandcycle conference,

- in the Aucklander Room at the Rendezvous Hotel, Mayoral Drive, Auckland.


The business to be considered will be:

a) presentation of the annual report and the financial accounts;

b) election of the Executive Council

c) appointment of an auditor or financial reviewer;

d) consideration of any other business required to be considered under the Living Streets Aotearoa constitution or that the Annual General Meeting believes should be considered.


The Executive Council shall comprise:
- the President,
- the Vice-President,
- the National Secretary,
- the National Treasurer and
- other members elected at the Annual General Meeting to carry out the aims and exercise the powers of the Society. The named positions may each be shared by more than one individual, and the membership of the Executive Council shall not exceed ten individuals.

Nominations for 2016-2017 Executive are now open. Nominations can also be taken at the meeting.

For more information or to send in nominations, please contact the Secretary by email.


If you have any matters on which you wish binding decisions to be made at the AGM, please email these to the Secretary by Friday, 10th June, 2016 with suitable background and explanatory information.

You must be a current member to vote at the AGM.



Sent on behalf of

Chris Teo-Sherrell
Living Streets Aotearoa Inc.

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