NZ Walking Summit 2017 Ben Wooliscroft keynote speaker

Ben Wooliscroft

Associate Dean Research in the School of Business and Associate Professor, University of Otago

Speaking at the NZ Walking Summit 2017 on:

Why can’t we walk?

Ben will report on two national surveys (total sample over 4000) with a focus on transportation in New Zealand and New Zealander’s appetite for active transportation, with a focus on walking. There is clearly demand for safe, comfortable and walkable cities in New Zealand.

Ben Wooliscroft is Associate Dean Research in the School of Business and an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, University of Otago. Ben’s research and supervision focuses on sustainable business, ethical consumption, and quality of life with a particular focus on energy, transportation and active transport. Throughout his research is the theme of quality of life and justice.

He is a research affiliate at the Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago and has extensive experience of Vienna’s world class transportation infrastructure.

The two national surveys show that many things shape our behaviour and transport choices. In order to better understand potential drivers of change in travel patterns and start to establish a system to monitor them, the Ministry of Transport commissioned the University of Otago to develop a series of survey questions (‘Leading indicators’) around attitudes to areas such as public transport, transport technologies (such as self driving or electric vehicles), travel substitution, environment, concepts of ownership, and active transport. This talk will draw on that research.


Why can't we walk? Asking the big question, is the keynote talk at the NZ Walking Summit 2017.

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