Living Streets issues four point plan to get New Zealand walking again

Living Streets issues four point plan to get New Zealand walking again

Pedestrian advocacy group Living Streets Aotearoa has released a four point plan to get more New Zealanders walking. The plan has been produced on the back of New Zealand’s first national Walking Summit which saw pedestrian advocates, disability groups, sustainability experts and politicians come together to propose workable solutions to New Zealand’s walking crisis.

Living Streets Aotearoa’s four point plan:

  1. Improve safety in urban areas with a 30 km/h speed limit around all schools and shopping centres  
  2. Properly fund walking and pedestrian infrastructure by assigning 1% of the National Land Transport Fund budget to walking
  3. Reverse the decline in kids walking to school with a national ‘safe routes to school’ programme
  4. Future proof our roading projects by making the NZ Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide the national standard for all new roading projects 

Ellen Blake Vice President, Living Streets Aotorea, said:

“We are delighted that our first Walking Summit has produced such practical solutions to improve walking. There are 4.5 million pedestrians in New Zealand and as the general election approaches we urge politicians of all stripes to back our proposals to get New Zealand walking again”. 

Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot that promotes walking-friendly communities and provides a voice for pedestrians. They are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand to encourage everyday walking.

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