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Let's Get Wellington is a once in a long-time opportunity to improve transport in our city. Please make a submission with our helpful ideas below.

What LGWM are proposing and how it will affect walking

The LGWM project has produced four scenarios for comment. These are very high level scenarios and they have said they welcome feedback on what should be included at the next, design, stage.  If there are specific things you want, feel free to tell them – you don’t need to try to find whether they are in any of the scenarios.

The four scenarios are additive – scenario B adds to scenario A with more stuff, and so on.  The problem with that is that because scenario B has lots of road spending, all the others do as well.  So if you like something in scenario C or D, but don’t want new road building, you need to start by clearly saying that you don’t want new roads, and what you do like.

The principles for LGWM are generally sound but in our view the scenarios won’t deliver on the principles.

For that reason we suggest that to achieve a walkable Wellington submiters support Scenario A, and reject the others because they involve new road construction, and then ask for extra elements to be added to scenario A.

Making a submission

It’s important to make a submission to get the city we want. Even if you can only find time to write a few lines, your submission will help us make the case for a walkable city.

Using your own words you can:

- write your own submission and send to: info@getwellymoving.co.nz

- fill in the paper form on the pamphlet

- use the online form at http://yourvoice.getwellymoving.co.nz/have-your-say

Submissions are due by 15 December. 

Points you might like to include:

I support Scenario A, because it is the only one that gives priority to walking, public transport and cycling.

I do not support Scenarios B, C or D as they invest in and prioritise motor-vehicle travel. 

I support lowering speeds to a safer level, and easier crossing of all intersections.

I want to see a more attractive environment for people on foot – it’s time for walking to be prioritised.

In addition to the proposals in Scenario A I would like to see:

(add your favourite place-making ideas, here are some suggestions)

  • Time for crossing all roads that is sufficient to allow everyone to get across safely, with consistent standards for different types of crossings
  • Have a target to increase the number of people walking in this area
  • Doing easy and cheaper things first that prioritise pedestrians and public transport and leaving expensive vehicle focussed projects to last.
  • Removal of all slip lanes in the central area. They are pedestrian unfriendly and prioritise vehicle travel.
  • Significant improvements at the Railway Station so that pedestrians have priority on Bunny Street and all vehicles are encouraged to use Whitmore Street
  • Footpaths that consistently meet a good standard so that they are accessible to all
  • Removing the state highway from Vivian Street and making Karo Drive two-way. This would mean turning the Basin Reserve back into a roundabout with a public transport dedicated lane.
  • Enhancing all open space in Wellington centre to ensure a good quality environment for the many more people expected to live here
  • Pedestrian and public transport priority everywhere in the CBD
  • Provide a safe crossing on Cobham Drive
  • Put in effective travel demand management options, including looking at congestion charging and other measures
  • Make great walking routes into the city, including use of greenways that allow off-road walking access from different areas
  • Specifically address climate change, by for instance setting a GHG reduction target from transport for Wellington (the whole region)
  • Improve the walking route to the Interislander ferry
  • Prioritise children at the Basin Reserve with dedicated pedestrian footpaths, prompt crossing of all roads, a bus lane, and a cycle lane
  • Put in high quality, high capacity public transport, on a dedicated route.
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