Dear Lester and the Auckland Transport Board,

Dear Lester and the Auckland Transport Board,

London, New York, Melbourne, Sydney, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris

These great cities of the world have speed limits of 30 km/h.
Their safer speeds have resulted in less death and serious injuries, however these cities also recognise the benefits of safe speeds are much broader:


Traffic flows improve: more people walk/cycle, greater public transport use, less congestion and travel time reliability improves.

2. It’s good for the local economy: streets that are more inviting for walkers and cyclists are more vibrant and economically successful.

3. Improved quality of life for all city dwellers: the resulting social and environmental benefits make cities more attractive.

Speed limits must not be set by popularity contest and self-selecting membership surveys. What seems like a radical idea to some today, quickly becomes the status quo accepted by all.

We commend Auckland Transport’s staff for their commitment to Vision Zero and their thorough and considered approach to adopting safe speeds.

We now ask the Auckland Transport Board to support 30 km/h for Auckland’s CBD so that we may all enjoy the resulting benefits - as evidenced by the great cities of the world.


6 December 2018