The winners of the Living Streets NZ Walking Awards June 2020

Living Streets Aotearoa is pleased to announce the winners of the Living Streets NZ Walking Awards. The WSP Golden Foot awards was presented on June 9 7:30 at a formal video conference.


The biennial awards this year had 16 finalists and during the ceremony we announced the 6 winners of the WSP Golden Foot ceramic award made by ceramic artist Brendon Adams


The winners listed below show some outstanding projects. 

The NZ Bear Hunt during lockdown won the events category. This event quickly gained NZ hearts as they walked around the quiet and safe streets ,during the Covid-19 lockdown, and looked for toy bears.

Auckland Design Office was winner with the High Street footpath extensions where carparks were replaced with boardwalks.


Winning Projects



Be Counted at PN City He Ara Kotahi Bridge


Walking and Public transport initiative.

. In December 2019 Palmerston North was the first New Zealand Council to install a combined pedestrian and bike counter and display on He Ara Kotahi Bridge.

Bear Hunt during Lockdown


Deb Hofman



NZ Bear Hunt started as a little idea, turned into a nationwide movement, remaining local and community-oriented. The concept is to put teddy bears or toys in a window facing the street and to pin your bear to an on-line map. Walkers explore their neighbourhood, tracking down households taking part.

Brightwater Consultation

Tasman District Council


School projects

Brightwater in Tasman is a peri-urban town of some 1,500 residents and is surrounded by rural landscape and horticulture. The challenge with this project was to successfully consult, connect and engage with this community. We needed a way in to the heart of this community, to understand it and activate robust discussion

Chris Teo-Sherrell 


Walking Champion

The combined attack on footpaths of unregulated e-scooters and a proposed rule change to allow cyclists, e-bikes and e-scooters everywhere galvanised Chris to lead a coalition of fourteen organisations to show the detriment to vulnerable walkers to officials, Ministers and MPs, media and the public, raising public awareness.

High Street Trial Ak Design office


Facilities or place-making

As part of the overarching Access for Everyone project, the High Street Trial aimed to allocate more space to pedestrians and other users, by replacing on-street parking with temporary kerb/footpath extensions, to effectively double the width of this street’s narrow footpaths

Roger Boulter Book: Planning for Walking and Cycling in New Zealand



Roger is an international authority on planning for walking and cycling. He has led national

strategy development in New Zealand and previously in the UK. He has collated New Zealand history in considerable detail and breadth. The book is current; including the Accessible Streets rules package and Innovating Streets Fund.



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