Incidents involving small electric vehicles in Auckland – Public Survey

Have you had or witnessed an incident or near miss in Auckland involving an e-micromobility vehicle (e-scooter, e-bike, e-skateboard, hoverboard, or Segway)? You may either have been the rider or another party, and we would like to learn what happened. Note that unpowered vehicles are excluded from this survey (so no push scooters nor traditional human powered bicycles).

Survey responses will inform a study by Transport consultancy Abley into the safety of e-micromobility in Auckland. The aim is to better understand what makes e-micromobility safe or unsafe, including behaviour and infrastructure. The study looks at everyone’s safety (both riders and non-riders). The findings will be submitted to Auckland Transport as an evidence base and with associated recommendations. It will inform future policies and interventions to make e-micromobility safer for everyone in Auckland.