Government Trying To Have A Buck Each Way On Transport - Media release

Living Streets Aotearoa, the national walking advocacy group, has welcomed some good news for pedestrians in the new Emissions Reduction Plan, but called on the Government to act faster and go further to decarbonise transport. Living Streets Aotearoa Vice-President Tim Jones said “In the race to decarbonise our society and economy by 2050, the years between now and 2030 are crucial, because that’s when the steepest emissions reductions need to happen. And transport, especially in cities, is the sector we can decarbonise fastest – but only if we take the right steps.”

“There’s no point pinning our hopes on electric cars,” Jones said, “because there won’t be enough of them in use by 2030 to make a real difference.”

“We’re pleased that there’s $350 million for improving walking, cycling and public transport in the Emissions Reduction Plan, but we’re concerned that this doesn’t go anywhere near far enough to provide safe, low-carbon transport infrastructure that will be good for children, good for families, and good for the planet.” “While we’re disappointed there isn’t more for pedestrians in this plan,” said Jones, “there are still plenty of aspects we’re encouraged by. We’ve been calling for the development of a plan to increase the safety and attractiveness of walking, and plans for the reduction in car use in our major cities, so we are pleased to see these are coming in 2022. And we’re pleased to see that creating walkable neighbourhoods will be made easier too.”

“The Government has made a start on transforming transport,” Jones concluded, “but that’s all it is – a start. Living Streets Aotearoa will continue to advocate for pedestrian voices to be heard, for pedestrian needs to be met, and for walking to play a central role in the transition to a decarbonised transport system.”

Contact for this release: Tim Jones, Vice-President, Living Streets Aotearoa

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