Submit to make state highway speeds safer for pedestrians - submissions close Monday 12 December

Do you want traffic speeds near schools, marae, and other community facilities reduced to make the streets safer for pedestrians and for all road users?

Then submit by Monday 12 December on NZTA / Waka Kotahi's Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan (ISMP).

This plan calls for speed limit reductions along state highways both nationally and by region - but it should go further, for instance by imposing 30 km/h speed limits outside all schools, not just some schools. Why should some pupils be put at greater risk of being killed by a car than others?

You know your own community. You can go straight to the proposals for speed limit reductions in your region, say what you support in Waka Kotahi's proposed speed reductions, and submit in favour of additional speed limit reductions.

And you can use the Living Streets Aotearoa submission on the ISMP as a guide.

Opportunities to make streets in your region safer for pedestrians don't come along too often. Please take this opportunity and submit by Monday 12 December.


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