Draft Government Policy Statement A Backward Step For Everyone Who Walks

A Backward Step For Everyone Who Walks

Living Streets Aotearoa, the national pedestrian advocacy organisation, says the draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport released today by Minister of Transport Simeon Brown represents a backwards step for pedestrians, and for everyone who wants to travel safely in our cities.

"Walking is great for our cities, our communities, and our mental and physical health,” said Tim Jones. “But the Government needs to come to the party by making sure walking is easy and safe, and supporting pedestrians by funding good footpaths and safe pedestrian crossings."

“This draft GPS cuts walking and cycling funding, and says that funding will be cut even further over time. It reduces local communities’ ability to prioritise footpath construction and maintenance. And it removes the vital goal of reducing transport emissions.”

“A GPS that was truly focused on economic efficiency and safety would include much more investment in walking,” Tim Jones said. “We’re concerned that the Government is putting the lives of pedestrians - especially children and elderly and disabled people - at greater risk to promote its car-focused transport agenda.”

"For the sake of our communities, for the sake of our health, and for the sake of our climate, New Zealand needs pedestrian-friendly transport policies," Tim Jones concluded. "This draft Government Policy Statement is sending us in the wrong direction."

Tim Jones
President, Living Streets Aotearoa

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