A 2009 Golden Foot Walking Award winner - the Great Perimeter Walkway

In 2009 the Golden Foot Walking Award for ‘Top Commitment to Walking by a New Zealand Organisation’ was awarded for what is now called the Christchurch 360 Trail.

Originally it Colin Meurk presenting at the 2023 Walking Summitwas called The Great Perimeter Walkway and was the brainchild of world-renowned Christchurch ecologist Colin Meurk. He proposed a city-encircling walkway that would show people their varied natural surroundings, encourage walking close to home and attract visitors to stay more than a day.

He and supporters worked hard on the 135-kilometre route that links in seacoast, volcanic hills, city streams, native bush, wetlands and the mighty braided Waimakariri River, along with suburban lifestyles.

He led a series of Forest and Bird-sponsored Saturday Meurky Walks over many years and, through his efforts, developed the concept of shared physical effort and knowledge exchange about natural and cultural history.

The award in 2009 was made to the Christchurch Urban Landscape Group of Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch to which he was seconded from Landcare Research to work on the trail project.  

At the 2023 Walking Summit hosted by Living Streets Aotearoa, Colin Meurk gave a presentation about the Christchurch 360 Trail which he describes as 'an urban Great Walk which brings nature and people together on a heritage trail'. Watch his presentation.  

Photos: Colin Meurk presenting at the 2023 Walking Summit.

Flyover view of the Christchurch 360 Trail, from the website.


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