Media Release: Raised Pedestrian Crossings Make The Streets Safer For Everyone

Living Streets Aotearoa, the national organisation that represents pedestrians, is disappointed that Auckland Transport has paid attention to online noise instead of the evidence in its decision to reduce the number of raised pedestrian crossings it plans to install. However, Living Streets is pleased that raised crossings are still on the table where other proposed measures are not suitable.

"Auckland Transport has acknowledged that the evidence shows raised pedestrian crossings are the most effective intervention that can be implemented to reduce pedestrian deaths and serious injuries," said Living Streets Aotearoa President Tim Jones. "Yet they've still bowed to pressure from online commenters over the issue. We expect better of Auckland Transport - we expect them to follow the evidence."

"However, it is good that they plan to continue installing pedestrian safety interventions, and that they've said they're not ruling out speed management devices. For the safety of everyone who walks - and that means almost all of us, young and old, children and adults - we need pedestrian safety interventions that work," Tim Jones said.

Australian research has found that raised platforms at pedestrian crossings lead to casualty crash reductions of 63% and raised platforms at mid-street locations reduce casualty crashes by 47%[1]

"Aucklanders want better provision for walking and a safe transport system, as recent surveys have shown. This is no time to drop the ball on pedestrian safety," Tim Jones concluded.


[1] See Tariro Makwasha and Blair Turner (Australian Road Research Board - ARRB Group) 2017, ‘Safety of raised platforms on urban roads’.  Journal Australasian College of Road Safety 28(2):20–27,, p. 25

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