It's submission time for local government long term plans

It’s time to write submissions for our local government long term plans  to get the changes we deserve for the places where we live. 

All the good things we want need to be in these 10-year budgets, either as stand-alone items for big projects or in a funding bucket that will cover the smaller projects. 

Pedestrian projects are often high-value yet low-cost items that get rolled together in transport projects with anodyne names like ‘renewals’, ‘upgrades’, ‘improvements’, ‘operations’ and ‘maintenance’.

You will find more information on what is in the Long Term Plan for your area on your local council website or at the local library. It will show when you need to get your submission in. 

Legislation that covers what must be in a plan is available on this Government website. The Auditor-General also provides useful further discussion about long-term plans. 

You are able to either write your own submission (it can be very short) or there is often an online survey to fill in. Here is an example of a submission from Living Streets Aotearoa on a long-term plan.

Recent changes in the draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport reduce funding for walking, meaning it is even more important to write a submission to your local council and ensure the levels of funding are maintained for things like:

  • Footpath maintenance (to avoid all too common slips, trips and falls)
  • Pedestrian essential amenities like seats, toilets, handrails, and shade or shelter (so that everyone can be get out and be comfortable)
  • Improvements to bring footpaths and walkways up to a reasonable grade 
  • Safety improvements like marking the edge of steps
  • Wayfinding and signposts with that helpful information like what street it is, is there a path at the end, is this in or out of the tsunami zone and where the bus station is.

You might also want to support funding for your favourite destinations like the library, swimming pool, park or action (apart from walking) on climate change.

We strongly encourage you to make a submission. This is your chance to have your say about your local area. 





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