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Responses to our survey of the Dunedin City Council 2010 candidates can be found here

John Wilson Ocean Drive Wheels and Feet Gala Day, Sunday August 22nd, 10am-4pm

The John Wilson Promenaders have arranged a family fun day on John Wilson Ocean Drive Sunday 22nd of August. All sorts of activities are planned including pony rides, picnics and pram parades. More details at the John Wilson Promenaders webpage

Living Streets Dunedin submission on John Wilson Ocean Drive can be found here

John Wilson Ocean Promenade webpage now open

John Wilson Ocean Promenaders have opened a new webpage to publicize their vision of a safe, central, recreational haven. It contains links to the DCC page advertising the draft management plan, and inviting people to make submissions. If you want to contact the John Wilson Promenaders, please email johnwilsonpromenade at


John Wilson Ocean Drive Meeting, Wed. 7th July, 7:30. OTMC clubrooms, 3 Young St, St Kilda

Update: This meeting was very inspiring, and showed there is a strong wish among many in the local community to keep the last kilometre of the drive available for active recreation. One couple had gained over 300 signatures on a petition, another local resident had organized a protest last year on hearing the road was to be re-opened to cars. The counsellors present spoke honestly about the complexity of the decisions that had to be made, and the difficulty of reconciling the practical problems as well as the varied viewpoints. Perhaps the most telling comment was from a South Dunedin citizen who said that he had been annoyed when he heard the drive was closed, as it had been a favourite trip to drive up to the end of the road once a week or so. One day they drove as far up as they could, they decided to wheel along the road a bit. Ken said that when they got his wheelchair through the pedestrian gate, they were amazed at the different atmosphere with the fresh air and people exchanging friendly greetings. Since then it has become a favourite haunt again.Those present at the meeting decided to ask for a presentation slot at the Council Public Forum on August 4 to state their case.


Dunedin City Council is currently reviewing the management of John Wilson Ocean Drive. One of the stated objectives is to protect "opportunities for non-motorised recreation". Spokes Dunedin and Living Streets Dunedin are hosting a meeting in South Dunedin at 7:30pm Wed. evening, 7th July, to allow the local residents and other interested people to find out more and express their opinions on the proposal, with the opportunity to make a submission if they wish. DCC counsellors will be invited to attend as well.


Submissions on John Wilson Ocean Drive management plan requested.

Dunedin City Council is asking for submissions on the management of John wilson Drive. Submissions close on Friday 6 August. In brief, the proposal is to limit motorised vehicle use, to protect the dunes, public safety, amenity values of the coastal environment and opportunities for "non-motorised recreation". Living Streets Dunedin thinks this is a courageous move by the DCC, considering that many support the reinstatement of unlimited vehicle access. If you are interested in preserving the ability to walk in comfort along this drive (or Promenade, as some have renamed it) please consider making a submission to the DCC.


Check out the great happenings in Dunedin on 2010 Walk2Work Day

Our Story

Dunedin Walkers Interest Group, now renamed Living Streets Dunedin, was first formed in June 2007, in response to interest from the Dunedin City Council, who wished to have a formal group to liaise with about pedestrian issues, and with assistance from Liz Thomas of Living Streets Aotearoa.

Submissions  here



Our aim is to make Dunedin a more pleasant and safer place for walking, through advocacy and specific projects.

Our first project was to submit a response to the DCC proposal for the exemption of parking bans on the footpath in certain narrow streets.

(see our opinion piece published in the Otago Daily Times).

We have also done a walking audit of the pedestrian space in the Octagon, which has turned into more of a pedestrian corridor, because of the explosion of bars and outdoor eating in that space.

Other issues we want to tackle when we get going are: congestion on footpaths; integration with public transport; the value of a walker's army in improving our community in such ways as litter reduction.


We are an informal group, and hold meetings as needed.  We are trying to find a regular meeting slot that suits everyone.


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About Us

Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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