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Judy McDonald, ph 07 8552019, fax 07 8552012; email accounts [at]

Living Streets Hamilton, c/- Environment Centre, 25 Ward St, Hamilton.

We have a regular monthly meeting on the second Thursday at 7pm.


Our primary aim at present is to address issues surrounding major roads in Hamilton which make routine transport-type walking unfeasible for many. We have a number of major roads with no or inadequate crossing points for pedestrians and this tends to result in people taking cars for very short trips. If better pedestrian facilities were available we believe that a lot of road congestion could be alleviated and more people would be out there walking, with all the attendant benefits. We are hoping to put our support strongly behind the walking school bus programme as school traffic is a huge contributor to peak traffic congestion in Hamilton.
We are becoming acquainted with other groups within Hamilton whose aims overlap with or complement our own, and hope to be able to act jointly with them on major pedestrian issues.

See the attached Maps for some relaxing walks in Hamilton.

PDF icon Map_for_Central_City_Walkable_Art,_with_instructions,_October_2014.pdf1.6 MB
PDF icon Dinsdale roundabout and railway village, October 2015381.82 KB
PDF icon University Campus Walks Brochure March 2015195.83 KB
PDF icon Smyths Plantations Walk, Oct 2015343.83 KB
PDF icon Metro Ave Rotokauri Parks walk, October 2015249.89 KB
PDF icon Ranfurly Gully map Sept 2010.pdf526.34 KB
PDF icon Gully walk instructions October 2010.pdf90.67 KB
PDF icon Sandford Park map.pdf449.55 KB
PDF icon Mangaiti Walk, September 2010.pdf686.16 KB
PDF icon The 'Jewels' Walk map September 2010.pdf558.46 KB
PDF icon Flagstaff to Chartwell walking route, March 2011.pdf612 KB
PDF icon Chartwell to Flagstaff walking route instructions, April 2011.pdf49.64 KB
PDF icon Hamilton CBD Lunchtime walk map.pdf708.69 KB
PDF icon Hamilton CBD Lunchtime walk description.pdf24.04 MB
PDF icon Seeley's Gully map.pdf1.06 MB
PDF icon Seeley's Gully walk Instructions, September 2012.pdf28.93 KB
PDF icon Te Hikuwai Walkway map.pdf1.53 MB
PDF icon Te Hikuwai Walkway Instructions, November 2012.pdf23 KB
PDF icon Jansen Park to Uni & Back, April 2013.pdf443.37 KB
PDF icon Jansen Park to Uni walk instructions, April 2013.pdf32.62 KB
PDF icon Hamilton Waterway Walks Forrest Lake.pdf1.21 MB
PDF icon Hamilton Waterway Walks Ward Park 13 October.pdf1.42 MB
PDF icon Malcolm St walk map.pdf493.88 KB
PDF icon Malcolm St walk Instructions, November 2012.pdf24.55 KB
PDF icon Sunday stroll Tauhara and Mangaiti.pdf640.77 KB
PDF icon Tauhara Park Info for back Nov 13th 2011.pdf49.21 KB
PDF icon Hospital surrounds walk, Map and instructions, October 2013.pdf440.15 KB
PDF icon Porritt Stadium walk Map and instructions,, October 2013.pdf399.97 KB
PDF icon Resthills Park walk, Map and instructions, October 2013.pdf315.48 KB
PDF icon Rototuna walk,Map and instructions, November 2013.pdf406.76 KB
PDF icon Te Rapa walk map with instructions, March 2014.pdf431.73 KB
PDF icon Map_for_Hospital_and_Melville_Walkable_Art,_with_instructions,_November_2014.pdf1.33 MB
PDF icon Map_for_Hillcrest_Walkable_Art,_with_instructions,_November_2014.pdf1.22 MB
PDF icon Map_for_Fairfield_Walkable_Art,_with_instructions,_October_2014.pdf1.4 MB
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Living Streets Aotearoa is the New Zealand organisation for people on foot, promoting walking-friendly communities. We are a nationwide organisation with local branches and affiliates throughout New Zealand.

We want more people walking and enjoying public spaces be they young or old, fast or slow, whether walking, sitting, commuting, shopping, between appointments, or out on the streets for exercise, for leisure or for pleasure.

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