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Title Post date What Where Attached files
Project Waiuku - pedestrian walkability 29 Jul 2006
Manual for Streets 30 Jul 2006
Outdoor falls among middle-aged and older adults: a neglected public health problem 30 Jul 2006
Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling 30 Jul 2006
Reported incidence of injuries caused by street glass among urban children in Philadelphia 30 Jul 2006
An international study of the exposure of children to traffic 30 Jul 2006
Can lay-led walking programmes increase physical activity etc 30 Jul 2006
Walk in to work out: a randomised controlled trial etc 30 Jul 2006
Urban area disadvantage and physical activity: a multilevel study in Melbourne, Australia 30 Jul 2006
Health and community design: the impact of the built environment on physical activity 30 Jul 2006
Walking to school has future benefits 30 Jul 2006
Walking and Cycling Strategy (Gisborne) 30 Jul 2006
Gisborne District Council's engineering code of practice - road and traffic engineering 31 Jul 2006
Gisborne urban coastal strategy - 2005-25 31 Jul 2006
Akatarawa forest walking and tramping (Wellington Region) 31 Jul 2006
Walking, running and hiking (Wgtn Region) 31 Jul 2006
Walking in the Wellington region 31 Jul 2006
Hamilton CBD upgrade 31 Jul 2006
City street beautification (Hamilton CC policy) 31 Jul 2006
Pedestrian road crossing facility standards (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Street and directional signage (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Hamilton integrated transport strategy (H.I.T.S.) 31 Jul 2006
Recreation and Leisure Plan 2002 31 Jul 2006
Hamilton CC development manual, vol 3, part 3 - roading projects 31 Jul 2006
Walkways and cycleways (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006

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