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Title Post date What Where Attached files
Hamilton walkway and cycleway map 31 Jul 2006
Walkways brochure promoting health and fun (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Working on footpaths (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Walking school bus (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Safer routes project (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Clearing vegetation from footpaths and verges (Hamilton) 31 Jul 2006
Predictive validity of three actigraph energy expenditure equations for children 31 Jul 2006
Pedometer indices for weekly physical activity recommendations etc (abstract) 1 Aug 2006
Validity of accelerometry for measurement of activity in people with brain injury 1 Aug 2006
The accuracy of pedometer steps and time during walking in children 1 Aug 2006
Exercise intensity alters postexercise hypotension 1 Aug 2006
Heritage trails (Hawkes Bay) 2 Aug 2006
The path ahead Rotary Centennial Pathways Trust 2 Aug 2006
Eastside corridor: possible rail/trail combo? 2 Aug 2006
TDM in Europe - a synthesis of research findings 2 Aug 2006
Employee transportation survey (Vancouver, Canada) 2 Aug 2006
Passenger wait time perceptions at bus stops 2 Aug 2006
Walking and cycling strategy (Hauraki) 2 Aug 2006
Walking and cycling strategy questionnaire (Hauraki) 2 Aug 2006
Hawke's Bay regional coastal environment plan - access and recreation 3 Aug 2006
Public access to rivers (Hawke\'s Bay) 3 Aug 2006
Walk in Scotland 3 Aug 2006
Weight control information network - walking (a step in the right direction 3 Aug 2006
Facilities, parks and reserves (Horowhenua district) 3 Aug 2006
Open space and access to waterways (Horowhenua District Council)) 3 Aug 2006

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