--3.27 Physical activity

Research and statistics concerning the incidence of physical activity and related trends.

Relative Influences of Individual, Social Environmental, and Physical Environmental Correlates etc

This paper discusses a cross-sectional survey, which examines individual, social environmental, and physical environmental correlates of walking
Billie Giles-Corti,Robert Donovan

Prevalence of physical activity in the United States

Behavioural risk factor surveillance Integrating surveillance of lifestyle activities into national systems is possible, and doing so may provide a more accurate representation of the prevalence of recommended levels of physical activity.

Proportion of trips made by walking

Estimating a state-level baseline for healthy people in 2010 - objective 22-14 A paper investigating the number of short trips made by walking in Michigan, US

Relationships among community characteristics and walking etc

A paper comparing walking and bicycling for transportation. The authors found that communities with more parks had significantly higher levels of walking and bicycling for transportation.

Pedometer-determined physical activity among multiethnic and low-income etc

This paper sought to characterise pedometer-determined physical activity among a predominately racial and ethnic minority sample of adults residing in low-inco

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