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The broader impact of walking to school among adolescents etc

How children travel to and from school may significantly influence their overall physical activity levels. This paer measured moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) among adolescents and explored their means of travel to and from school.

Travelwise 4 School (Auckland)

Auckland City\'s Travelwise 4 School programme aims to create travel alternatives for school kids other than being dropped off by car, and ultimately reduce school-related travel congestion and safety issues.
Auckland Ci
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Omission of active commuting to school and the prevalence of childrens health-related physical activ

the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Study Active commuting to school by walking or bicycle is a potential source of continuous moderate activity for children that has bee

Personal, family, social, and environmental correlates of active commuting to school

Active commuting to school may be an important opportunity for children to accumulate adequate physical activity for improved cardiovascular risk factors, enhanced bone health, and psychosocial well-being.

Active commuting to school among NSW primary school children: implications for public health

Regular active commuting by walking/cycling can help maintain an active lifestyle.

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