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Are you ready to  join the Walking Revolution?

Walking is the most accessible and easy form of exercise.  It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t need any special equipment or training, and anyone can do it, no matter how fit they are!  Just step out the door and you’re away!

Thirty minutes of walking a day keeps you healthy.  The easiest way to get regular exercise is by making it part of your daily routine, so walking to work is a great way to go.  Even if you live too far from your work to walk all the way, you can combine your bus or car trip with a fifteen to thirty minute walk to work from the bus stop or car park and get your exercise that way.

Five good reasons to walk

have fun and meet people - whether you have fun walking with friends or enjoy walking alone, you bump into people you know when you go on foot.  Instead of waving to them as you sweep by in your car, you can stop and chat.   

look good and feel good - as well as keeping your weight down, walking reduces your chances of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and some forms of cancer.  It’s good for your mental health too – it relieves depression, anxiety and stress. Plus it gives you time to think.    

save money -  feet are free to use!  Instead of paying for petrol, you can spend the money you save on other things.

save time - Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 when you walk you know how long it’ll take.  You don’t get stuck in traffic jams, or spend ages trying to find a parking place, or get delayed because your bus or train’s running late.    

save the environment - For every short journey you walk, you can save up to 2kg of carbon.  You’re not pumping pollution into the air and you’re not using up valuable non-renewable resources.  Food is the only fuel you need!

Stepping out

You need very little, and you probably have all these things already.

  • A comfortable pair of shoes
  • A comfortable backpack or bag if you need to carry things
  • Water – you can get dehydrated easily, even when it’s not very hot
  • Raincoat or jacket in case there’s a change in the weather

Walking safely

Plan your route for pleasure and safety.  Avoid crossing busy roads and walking alongside fast traffic where possible.  Adding five minutes onto your journey time to walk through a park is worth it.  If you’re walking home after dark, choose a route with good lighting.  You can plan your route using Google Maps or Map my Run  In Wellington you can use the Greater Wellington Regional Council Walking and Cycling Journey Planner

Make sure you can be seen easily. If you have to walk on the road, face the oncoming traffic so you can see them and they can see you. If you’re walking after dark, wear some reflector gear like a fluoro backpack cover, or shoes or jacket with fluoro strips. 

Cross roads carefully.  Remember that cars need time and space to stop.  Don’t step out suddenly onto the road.  Wait before stepping onto a pedestrian crossing until you’re sure the driver is going to stop for you.  When crossing at intersections, look out for turning traffic coming from behind you and in front of you.

Look and listen.  Always check for traffic in all directions before stepping off the footpath.  Make sure you can hear traffic even if you’re listening to music or talking to a friend or on your phone.  People have been known to step in front of fire engines with their lights flashing and sirens blaring because they were distracted. 

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