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The Walk2Work Toolkit is a resource to help businesses encourage their employees to walk to work, thus reducing absenteeism, improving employee health, and increasing productivity.

Walking is the most accessible and easy form of exercise.  It doesn’t cost anything, no special equipment or training is needed, and people of all levels of fitness can walk.   

Encouraging your workers to leave their cars at home and walk all or part of the way to work, and to walk while they’re at work, will improve their productivity.  Your business will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Less absenteeism - people who walk regularly to work are healthier and have less time off work sick.  Ninety minutes walking a week can cut the number of sick days employees take by half
  • Increased productivity - people who walk to work arrive more mentally alert, and are more able to  concentrate on the job
  • Better time-keeping - walking means employees arrive on time instead of being late for work through traffic jams or public transport delays
  • Money saved on parking - your can save money on providing parking spots for workers, and you can even use extra spaces for providing parking for bikes
  • Worker satisfaction and retention - your employees feel more valued by the business being aware of and catering for their needs - “fringe benefit” without the hassles. 
  • Money saved on recruitment – happy workers are more likely to stay, saving the costs and hassles of recruiting and training new workers
  • Lower carbon footprint - your business will demonstrate its environmental credentials by promoting sustainable travel for staff travelling to and during work

As little as thirty minutes of physical activity a day can improve physical and mental health.  The easiest way to make sure of regular exercise is by making walking part of the daily routine. So for workers, walking to work – all or part of the way – makes sense , and it makes sense for employers too .

ThisToolkit will help make your workplace a walking friendly workplace and encourage your staff to walk more. The Toolkit has several parts:

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