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Maps and directions

Having maps and information readily available makes it easy for staff and visitors to find out the best routes for them to get to your workplace on foot.  

  • As part of induction for new staff, discuss with them travel to work options and provide them with maps and timetables.  They might also like to know of others who live in their neighbourhood who walk or use public transport.
  • Produce a map with time estimates showing your worksite and how to walk to useful places such as public transport, supermarket, Post office, ATM, library, and businesses you deal with.  Your map can be as simple or as detailed as you wish – see http://www.livingstreets.org.nz/walking_maps for some examples, and a toolbox for developing your own map.
  • If you have several worksite locations, have a map which shows how to get from one location to the other on foot or combining public transport and walking.
  • On your website, and on information for visitors to your workplace, include directions for walking from public transport, with a time estimate.  Include links to public transport timetables and a journey planner, if there is one for your area (ask your local council).  In some places there may even be a walking and cycling journey planner such as the Greater Wellington Regional Council Walking and Cycling Journey Planner
  • Always list travel options starting with active transport – walking and cycling first, then public transport which always involves a walk at both ends of the journey, followed by park and ride, car pooling/sharing options.
  • Have walking maps and public transport timetables easily available for staff and visitors.

Case Studies

Christchurch City Council in 2010 as part of their moving to new premises did a map for staff outlining  travel choices at the workplace.  Called “Easy Travel Choice”, it covers walking, cycling, busing, driving, and motorcycling, and is available on the Council intranet and as a foldable paper map.  They also have an online version of the Christchurch City Council Walking Map

Victoria University commissioned Living Streets to develop a map showing walking routes between the four university campus sites around Wellington to encourage more sustainable modes of travel. See http://www.livingstreets.org.nz/walking_maps   




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