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Have a look at your policies and see if you can make them more walking friendly.  For example:

Guaranteed Ride Home

Often people use a car to come to work so they will have transport in case of an emergency, for example picking up a sick child from school.  You can offer your employees a guaranteed ride home in the case of family emergencies.  Businesses which have adopted such a policy have found that it is not used very often, so is not expensive.  For staff it gives them peace of mind and a back-up plan, and removes one of the perceived barriers to walking.

Case Study:    Greater Wellington Regional Council adopted a Guaranteed Ride Home policy.  They found that the take-up rate was low.  However, staff reported that knowing they could be sure of a ride home in an emergency set their minds at rest, and made them more likely to leave their cars at home and walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work. 

Fleet vehicles

People often drive to work so they can do errands during the working day which are too far or would take to long to do on foot.  If they were able to use a fleet bicycle or pool car during the day, they could still walk to work.

Walking Incentives

If your business offers company cars or free or subsidised parking for staff, consider offering incentives which will encourage walking and use of public transport instead, such as a free or subsidised public transport pass.  Or you could price your parking so that it costs more than average public transport fares.   

Many businesses offer a mileage allowance for staff using their own vehicles for work purposes.  This is to compensate for the costs associated with using their vehicle including wear and tear.  You could offer a mileage allowance for walking which takes into account the wear and tear on shoe leather.

Work hours

Adopting flexible work hours can help your staff make choices about travelling to work. Likewise, having a flexible approach to travel during work time may mean that staff  take longer to travel, but arrive more alert and less stressed.  And it will demonstrate your business commitment to promoting active transport.

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