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      Summer Steps Challenge

Welcome to our new fun team challenge, encouraging people to get out and about and try walking as a way of getting around.


You are challenged to organise a team from your workplace and compete against other teams, to see who can spend the most time walking. 

It sounds simple and it really is.  You score points for each journey you walk and for every five minute time block spent walking.  There are no distance measurements, so its great for everyone and there are no pedometers to worry about. There are also bonus points available if you choose to leave the car at home and walk a journey instead. If a journey is too long to walk the whole way, you can also walk to and from public transport links.

Its all about encouraging people to reduce their reliance on cars and realise that walking is simple, fun and free. You will contribute to reducing road congestion and even get some exercise into the bargain.  So get out and enjoy the view from the footpath, it is far nicer than sitting in a traffic jam.

Winners of our pilot programme, run in Wellington and Christchurch during February 2010,  were announced at the Walk2Work day breakfast on March 10th. Congratulations to the Power Rangers from Transpower on the Terrace, Wellington and to the Dialysis Dawdlers of the Canterbury District Health Board, Christchurch.

To take part, organise your team and register on this website. 

Taking part

 There are a few simple steps to taking part

  1. Register your team 
  2. Register to join a team if one already exists
  3. Get walking
  4. Record the number of trips, time spent walking and number of car trips saved each day and log these on this website
  5. Make sure your team mates are keeping the side up
  6. Check your progress

If you have any problems, contact us

Competition rules

Register a team

Frequently asked questions


If you are interested in walking or cycling to work more often, you might be interested in the Active a2b project being run by Greater Wellington between January and March. Find out more here


Would you rather be riding your bike?   then try out the Bikewise challenge instead –

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