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Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

Go to the registrations page and follow the simple instructions.  Registrations are not open yet.


What factors count towards the team score?

You need to know the number of journeys made, the times spent walking (to the nearest 5 minutes) and whether you saved any car journeys on each day of the competition


How are the scores calculated?

Each team member will receive points based on how much walking they have done each day:

             5 points per walking journey

             5 points per 5 minutes spent walking

             10 points for a car journey saved.

The team scores are then added together and adjusted for team size. Each team score is the average of the points per team member, so that different sized teams can compete against each other.


What are the rules?

 click here for a list of rules


What team sizes are allowed?

 Teams can be from 2-6 people.  If you have more than 6 people wanting to take part, you can split and form two teams, then see if you can beat each other.


Can I team up with people from another workplace?

 Yes.  If you want to team up with people from another organisation, or come from a very small workplace, you can form a team with others. We do ask that you choose an organisation as representative of your team, to add to the competitive flavour, however this can be a social group or just where the majority of the team members come from.


Do I need an email address to participate?

 Yes.  The competition is run completely online and updates, scores etc are linked to email addresses. You can set up a free internet based address if you do not wish to register your work email.


When do registrations open and close?

You should be able to register a team from 20th January and update your scores from 1st February 2010.  The last date for entering scores will be 5th March 2010.


How do I update or change my details?

 Log on to your profile once you have registered and follow the instructions there


What are the prizes?

 Prizes will be announced shortly


Why can’t I count recreational walking?

 The aim of the challenge is to encourage people to walk as part of their everyday journey and reduce their reliance on private vehicles.  Many people enjoy walking and tramping recreationally and can spend many hours doing so.  Including this would significantly disadvantage people who do not walk for recreation but who are walking regularly every day.


 I have been doing lots of errands on one single outing, is this one trip or several?

 A trip is counted as one-way and for a purpose.  Therefore your trip to work counts as one and the return is a second trip.  If you walk to the shops, then walk to work, then walk home.  This is three trips.  However if you simply stop in at a dairy on your way past, to work, this is still just one trip.


What is meant by saving a car journey?

 You save a car journey if you have actively decided not to use a car for a journey (private vehicle or taxi) and chosen to walk instead.  Please be honest about this.  If you were going to walk anyway, it doesn’t count!  


What about public Transport?

 Some walks are just too long to be practical and we encourage people to use public transport.  Therefore walks to and from transport hubs can also be included.


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If you have a question that isn't answered here, please email us at summersteps[at] and we will post the answers here.


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