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Walking research from NZTA

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) commissions transport research in New Zeaaland. Walking is one of the areas researched. This is a list of the most relevant reports. The links will take you to the NZTA website where you will be able to read a summary and the full report.

Follow this link for more information about NZTA research reports.

Living Streets submission to Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan

Here is the Living Streets Aotearoa submission for the draft Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015.


Here is the Living Streets Aotearoa submission for the draft Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015.

Affordable housing needs walkable, compact and well-designed neighbourhoods

I recently sent this letter to Minister Nick Smith following some comments from him about urban design and footpaths. High quality urban design that encourages walkable neighbourhoods around public transport nodes is essential for the future or our cities. Good urban design makes economic sense both for individuals and communities as a whole.

Here is the letter I sent. I will post the response when it arrives.

Andy Smith - Living Streets Aotearoa President


Daniel Sauter talk in Wellington November 2014 "The flaneur and the sojourner - their place in a liveable city"

A highlight of the Wellington 2014 walking year was this talk from international walk researcher Daniel Sauter.  Daniel spoke about the important 4 "I's" of walking - Inspiration, Identity, Infrastructure and Institutional arrangements. He noted the joy of walking and 'being' in a place, were as important in a liveable city as moving through spaces, and had some interesting research to show how we spend our time. He commented that he particularly enjoyed the debate during his presentation - thanks to those attending.

Intersections - What pedestrians need

Intersections -  Living Streets Aotearoa - Policy May 2014

Submission on Wellington City Council Annual Plan 2013


New Zealand

This is our submission on the 2013 Draft Annual Plan for Wellington City Council. Our submission covered the lack of priority and projects for pedestrians, supported the Miramar development to provide better pedestrian facilities, and supported the further development of 'the Promenade' waterfront walk from the railway station to Kumutoto to improve pedestrian access.

Submission on Transmission Gully resource consents


New Zealand

This is Living Streets Wellington submission on the Transmission Gully resource consent

Submission on Traffic Resolution 101-11 Tawa shared path

This is the Living Streets Wellington submission on Traffic resolution 101-11 Tawa 'shared path'.

Walking to 2040 - space allocation, parking, and pedestrians 6 September

The third in our series of meetings Walking to 2040 this time looks at space allocation, parking and pedestrians. The issue of vehicle parking often makes it into the newspapers but what is the real situation about space allocation and parking, how does it affect pedestrians, is vehicle parking essential for economic growth, do decision-makers have good information on these issues?

Event Dates: 
Tue, 06/09/2011 - 17:30 - 19:30
Location (Town/City): 
Wakefield St, Wellington
Wellington City Council meeting room 2
Contact person: 
Ellen Blake
Contact details:
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