12 Oct 2020

Roger Boulter’s recent book draft (on won a 2020 WSP Golden Foot Award. This post outlines some issues covered in the seventh of twelve chapters.

Integrated’ transport planning: honoured in the breach

22 Sep 2020

Roger Boulter’s recent book draft (on won a 2020 WSP Golden Foot Award. This post outlines matters covered in chapters 5 and 6, which give a historical background.

28 Aug 2020

Roger Boulter’s recent book draft (on won a 2020 WSP Golden Foot Award. This post outlines some issues covered in the fourth of twelve chapters.

11 Aug 2020

20 Jul 2020

Roger Boulter’s recent book draft (on won a 2020 WSP Golden Foot Award. This post, the first of several, outlines a background and introduction.

28 Jun 2020

LGWM Golden Mile options are looking up

Wellingtonians have long said we want to keep our compact walkable city, building better on the good we have. Since our Covid19 lockdown experiences we have come to understand how pleasant low traffic, quiet and social our public streets can become, with the main sounds being people talking and birds twittering. People in densely populated areas needed those local walks to green parks or the seaside. This idea of how our city could be is the silver lining to the distress of the pandemic.

7 May 2020

George Weeks and Elise Copeland from the Auckland Design Office suggested this short (~4 minute) film from John Parkin, Professor of Engineering at the University of the West of England.

The film explains (using objective engineering principles) of why it is sensible to provide dedicated, separated space for foot and cycle traffic.

It makes such good sense.

 Click here to see it The Separation of Cyclists and Pedestrians

27 Apr 2020

Going for a walk has become the great outing in these last few weeks, eagerly anticipated by many as the highlight of the day. We expect to head out and return safely having had a pleasant experience. Seeing the sights, nodding to people as we 2-metre-pass, and getting our essential physical activity in. We will need to keep the 2 metre distance for some time so will expect footpaths to remain safe and clear for walking. Our footpaths and parks will need to support the Covid19 walk.

22 Apr 2020

Dot Dalziell is a Regional Feild Advisor with the NZ Walking Access Commsion.  Here is her comments during this lockdown.


What does #WalkingFromHome mean to me?


20 Apr 2020


  • Has the lockdown reacquainted you with the joy of walking? 

    Yea and its been such great weather to be heading over to the beach and reconnecting with nature and the sea

  • What differences have you noticed on your local streets during this time?

9 Mar 2020

Living Streets Aoteoroa and the Footpaths for Feet Coalition(1) is calling on the government to adopt their commendations of the International Transport Forum(2), which released its report(3) on e- scooters and other micro-vehicles last week.

The three most significant recommendations in the current context of rapidly growing micro- mobility options were that:

15 Jan 2020

Thank you very much for your email to our new Mayor of Lower Hutt, Campbell Barry. This email has been passed on to me as the Healthy Families Hutt Valley Manager. Healthy Families Hutt Valley is part of a national initiative called Healthy Families NZ with the goal of all New Zealanders enjoying health promoting social and physical environments that enable healthy food and physical activity choices, being smokefree, drinking alcohol only in moderation and increasing mental health resilience and wellbeing.

13 Dec 2019

Celia went to Rotterdam for a conference.  read about it below

25 Nov 2019

Congratulations on your election! 

Local Government is very important in shaping our local environment for decades to come. You can help or hurt walking by your decisions. Let’s make your place better for walking!


18 Jul 2019



Here is the latest news from LSA.




18 May 2019

Dear fellow pedestrians,

Life as we have known it has changed forever. We have long shared our footpaths with the odd cyclist or skateboarder, but the appearance and proliferation of e-scooter machines is a whole new thing.

This new era requires that we change fundamentally our approach to getting around on two legs, and demands a hugely elevated sense of awareness and safety. Care needs to be taken in every area and with almost every step.

22 Apr 2019

Check out this podcast on Access Radio No Labels, as we explore the issues facing pedestrians and our footpaths in 2019. Are we moving forwards to a bright future of safe, pleasant footpaths and pedestrian friendly public spaces, or are we steering in a different direction? What action can we take to support walking, and why is it important. Thomas and Ellen explore some of these important issues about accessibility and better places for us to live.

11 Apr 2019

The Great Harbour Way/ Te Aranui o Pōneke Trust hailed NZTA’s decision to proceed with funding the iconic Hutt Valley-Wellington cycling and walking seaward path, announced by Minister Julie Anne Genter at Point Jerningham.


see more in the attached 

6 Dec 2018


Its been a busy 2 weeks here in Auckland

The pedestrianistion of Queen st has been approved as part of the City Centre masterplan - here are the details 


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