3 Oct 2015

Living Streets Wellington is a group that really walks its talk, with a group out on the Grafton to Maidavale Road steps last Sunday giving them a good clean up. These steps are one of the many walkways that are iconic Wellington thoroughfares, and the group was highlighting the need for more maintenance on these routes to keep them safe for walkers to enjoy the great views. Many houses only have access from these steps so its important they are easy to use.

24 Jun 2015

The Wellington Meeting series. June 23 and 24

Ellen Blake and I (AndySmith) started the day at the AA with Mike Noon. The AA have a great number of members and can survey for opinions. I was interesting to hear his opinion on our Law Change and hope one day to have the AA member surveyed on it.

We need more statistics on walking. Who out there can help us with that?

22 Jun 2015

Andy Smith and Ellen Blake from the LSA exec have committed themselves to a week of meetings. Monday started with an LSA strategy meeting with Mike Mellor at the railway station.


Then it was off to the NZ Police and Superintendent Steve Greally who is the Manager Road Policing. We talked about our yellow feet, proposed law change and Vision Zero for road deaths.


14 Jun 2015

The recent Government public consultation on a proposed target (or INDC) for the Paris round of talks on Climate Change highlights one of the most pressing issues of our time. Living Streets Aotearoa has recognised this with not one but two submissions on the proposal, one from the national executive and one from the Wellington group.

New Zealand may be a small part of the global GHG emission but we are a high per capita emitter. Living Streets Aotearoa has a clear position on where New Zealand should be aiming: 

12 Jun 2015

 A 2009 report for the Wellington Regional council shows that walking trips increased for short journeys up to 2 kilometres - 54% of total short trips were done by walking, that is more than any other mode by a long stretch, including in cars - and that  


30 Mar 2015

The attached is an article recently published in Planning Quarterly 196 March 2015 (without it's nice photos sorry) on Planning for walking - time to make strides in measuring performance. The article sets out and proposes a new approach to measuring walk performance in local authority plans to enable a more rapid change to walk mode share and improve walkability, by making walking more visible.

13 Mar 2015

The attached study on a sample of Wellington walkways was published today in the NZ Medical Journal. It shows that while lighting of street-connecting walkways at night is generally good – there was a quarter of walkways where it was inadequate (ie, it was too dark to see your feet or to see the steps).

In the “Discussion” section of the attached – various options for improving things are outlined, in case the Council wishes to consider these.

Hope this is of interest.

Nick Wilson

13 Mar 2015

Walk2Work Day was celebrated this week by thousands of New Zealanders getting out on their feet (or in their wheelchair) and enjoying their daily trek to work, school or their daily activity. This special day is the national recognition of the important part walking plays in our lives, our urban fabric and our transport system. This year we highlighted the important, indeed essential, links between walking and public transport - they can not work without each other. Walking and use of public transport is the way to extend the range of your journey and carry those awkward packages.

2 Feb 2015

I recently sent this letter to Minister Nick Smith following some comments from him about urban design and footpaths. High quality urban design that encourages walkable neighbourhoods around public transport nodes is essential for the future or our cities. Good urban design makes economic sense both for individuals and communities as a whole.

Here is the letter I sent. I will post the response when it arrives.

Andy Smith - Living Streets Aotearoa President


22 Jan 2015

Vienna is 'stepping ahead'!


The City of Vienna will host the Walk21 conference with the motto ‘stepping ahead’ from 20 - 23 October 2015. The conference in Vienna City Hall provides space for a comprehensive discussion of strategies for the promotion of walking.

The vibrant and dynamic program will engage side events and thrilling walkshops, promise to create a memorable event and the possibility to gain new insights.

13 Jan 2015

Here is an article from the NZ Medical Journal by Alistair Woodward, Jamie Hosking, Shanthi Ameratunga

is that road users should drive, ride or walk carefully to avoid injury. There are three problems with this approach to road safety. The underlying logical model is circular. Not paying attention, or not being careful, is defined by the consequences.

Read more here

27 Nov 2014

Living Streets Aotearoa e-bulletin

 December  2014

Oakley Creek

Feel like you should be in two different places this Christmas. This photo is a real direction board from Oakley Creek Auckland (don't ask).

3 Oct 2014

Andy Smith will be representing LSA at Walk21 in Sydney on October 21-23.  This annual conference brings together all the walking and urban design people from around the globe.  Brent Toderian is a keynote speaker there and is touring NZ before that conference.

24 Aug 2014

You are invited to participate in a University of Canterbury research project about pedestrian crossing laws in New Zealand by completing the following questionnaire. It will take approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Everybody who completes the survey can go in the draw to win a $50 grocery voucher.

12 Aug 2014

 Auckland Active Modes research report

Key take out points for walking for us were:


·        56% are normally walking and these need to be maintained; 20% are primed for walking so we need to encourage these people; and 24% are not primed for walking and will be harder to encourage.

·        32% of people are walking more often than a year ago and 35% expect to walk more this coming year.

16 Nov 2013

A great collection of Hamilton Walking maps are available on the Hamilton Branch page

See our Maps Page for other areas.


14 Apr 2013

The Trust that fromed from the Getacross movement has launched the Skyath website

It details the progess in getting across the Waitemata.

26 Sep 2012


Air New Zealand has joined forces with New Zealand’s Department of Conservation to protect and enhance some of New Zealand’s most inspiring natural environments.  Together we are on a global search for keen walkers to get amongst it and take on all of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks in nine weeks.



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