Self-pacing and cognitive performance while walking

Ten hikers completed a 4 km hike on hilly terrain three times: once self-paced without load, once self-paced with a backpack load of 10% body weight, and once externally paced with a backpack load of 10% body weight. Subjects performed mental arithmetic tasks and provided ratings of perceived exertion while walking. No differences in speed or accuracy of performance of mental arithmetic problems were observed. A battery of cognitive and physical tests was performed prior to walking and after each of the three walks.
Mastroianni GR, Chuba DM, Zupan MO.
Elsevier Publishing
Reference #:
Applied Ergonomics, Volume 34, Number 2, March 2003 , pp. 131-139(9)
Date Published:
Publisher Email: unknown
USA Location: unknown

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