--3.30 Accident-prevention research

Self-pacing and cognitive performance while walking

Ten hikers completed a 4 km hike on hilly terrain three times: once self-paced without load, once self-paced with a backpack load of 10% body weight, and once externally paced with a backpack load of 10% body weight. Subjects performed mental arithmetic tasks and provided ratings of perceived exertion while walking.

Factors Influencing Pedestrian Safety:

A Literature Review This report presents the results of a review of the relevant technical literature that was undertaken by TRL on behalf of Transport for London (TfL) to investigate in what ways pedestrian behaviour might be influenced (in ways most acceptable to pedestrians and other road users) to reduce the numbers of casualties on London's road

Walking and cycling: education and promotion initiatives to improve road safety

A Literature Review This review outlines the information available on education and promotional initiatives that aim to improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The focus of this review is on educational programmes.

Are cars visually threatening to pedestrians?

This paper examines the hypothesis that aggressive car design intimidates pedestrians and sends out inappropriate signals at a time when governments are encouraging people to walk rather than drive.

Pedestrians on slippery surfaces during winter etc

Every year there are thousands of pedestrians in Sweden who are injured because of slippery pavements and roadways.

Racial differences and pedestrian safety: some evidence from Maryland and implications for policy

One urban transportation mode that is often neglected is pedestrian movement. One group particularly susceptible in this mode is the elderly.

Reported incidence of injuries caused by street glass among urban children in Philadelphia


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