Short Trip Active Mode Research Report

Report for the Greater Wellington Regional Council by Peter Glen Research. An update survey, to measure the changes that have occurred in short trip behaviour since the previous reports.

The primary aim of the research was to gain an updated reading of active mode travel in the greater Wellington region, specifically:

  1. To determine the percentage of the adult population (16+ years), who undertake short trips of under two kilometres (measured on an “average day” basis).
  2. To ascertain the percentage of short trips, of less than one and two kilometres, which are made using the active modes of walking, running and cycling.
  3. To identify the barriers that the public perceive to walking and cycling short trips of less than one and two kilometres.
  4. To obtain an updated base of information that will assist the GWRC to assess the potential and set strategies for promoting active modes of travel in future.
  5. To track trends over time (two to three-yearly) in the use of, and attitudes toward, active mode travel for short trips in the greater Wellington region
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