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Living Streets Dunedin have made a number of submissions to the DCC. Some were posted previously, but seem to have been lost in the website shift. In this meantime, here is our latest, on the future of John Wilson Ocean Drive, a Dunedin landmark:


"As we see it, the beauties of this one kilometer of coastal road, so close to the city yet separated from its bustle, should be preserved for active recreation, wildlife appreciation and peaceful contemplation. This would be made extremely difficult by the admittance of motor vehicles beyond the current closure point, especially given its attraction for  gatherings of what have been stereotyped as “boy racers”. Experiences related to us show that such activities can occur on the Drive at any time of the day and week, and are not just confined to late nights. The wide tarmac of the Drive makes a safe and sociable surface for pedestrians of all ages and capabilities, including those needing wheelchairs and mobility scooters, who are also our constituency. Motorists who do not want to leave their cars are also catered for at present as they can drive and park half way along the Drive for an outstanding view of the whole bay.

The arguments in favour of walking among other forms of active transport and recreation are well-rehearsed, so we would like to promote one very important, but under-publicized one – the economic benefits. Living Streets Aotearoa has just hosted a national walking conference entitled the “Dollars and Sense of Walking”, which was full of examples where minor and relatively inexpensive infrastructure changes created a large cost benefit ratio for the surrounding community. One such was the New Plymouth coastal walkway, which the Minister of Transport, Stephen Joyce praised in conference as doing more for the self-confidence of that city than any other measure. The economic benefits of converting John Wilson Ocean Drive to John Wilson Ocean Promenade are many..."

Access the whole submission in PDF form here


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