Webbed Walking, sharing inspiring stories online

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Abstract Remit

Stories are part of everyone's lives and the Feet First website has chosen narrative interaction  to encourage participation in both walking and sharing ideas. The stories which are placed on line are situated in the local environment and provide inspiration and ideas that provide local solutions. The  use of the web in this instance is largely participatory, and based on open source media through the use of citizen – centric principles.

The FeetFirst project works quietly, providing open access to online resources which link with the NZ Curriculum through a range of Learning Areas which include art and language.
Pancake's Lucky Adventure, a story-book created by students, is part of a range of processes to encourage walking, scooting, or skating to school, which include curriculum and active transport outcomes.
The presentation will discuss the qualitative outcomes of the narrative process that support active transport and reflection on local transport .   

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Raewyn Baldwin is teacher who works for the NZTA - in the Education Team

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NZ Transport Agency
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Raewyn Baldwin
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School Initiatives