Living Streets Aotearoa Wellington meeting series - Monday June 22

Andy Smith and Ellen Blake from the LSA exec have committed themselves to a week of meetings. Monday started with an LSA strategy meeting with Mike Mellor at the railway station.


Then it was off to the NZ Police and Superintendent Steve Greally who is the Manager Road Policing. We talked about our yellow feet, proposed law change and Vision Zero for road deaths.


Then to Local Government NZ to talk about footpaths and working with Local Governments who are our best friends as they are the ones that build and maintain footpaths.

The last meeting was with NZ Post who are trailing delivery vehicles that drive on the footpath. The 3 or 4 wheeled electric farm bikes can be 3 meters long with a trailer. LSA is concerned about visabilty, you cant hear them and this will set a precident for other trucks on the footpath.  We will chat with the Foundation for the Blind and CCS.

Our Wellington office is this PO Box and we kept a record of the number of steps we did today.




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