Wellington Meeting Series June 23,24 Tuesday and Wednesday

The Wellington Meeting series. June 23 and 24

Ellen Blake and I (AndySmith) started the day at the AA with Mike Noon. The AA have a great number of members and can survey for opinions. I was interesting to hear his opinion on our Law Change and hope one day to have the AA member surveyed on it.

We need more statistics on walking. Who out there can help us with that?

Then to the Health Promotion Agency where Clive Nelson said we could work with them on safer community promotions.

NZTA and the CEO Geoff Dangerfield. They have funding to build new footpaths and have always supported our 2walkandcycle conference series.

Next was Parliament and Phyl Twyford who supports the 30kph residential zones.

We walked 12,790 steps that day

Wednesday saw us at the Wellington Regional Council talking to the Policy person and then it was off to the Ministry of Transport CEO Martin Matthews who was concerned about future transport and the use of footpaths by more aging mobility scooter users.

Mark Neeson at the Walking Access Commision and described what they did in the walking area. There may be a walking project with them and they told us to look at Both Sides of the Fence.

Then it was meeting with Generation Zero who liked some of our promotion and will be releasing a strategy soon from which we can work together.


Alistair Smith from CAN came along to the group meeting at the cafe and updated us on what they where doing.


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