Line down the centre of the footpath.

Meanwhile, this just in from the "New Zealand history and natural heritage" Facebook page.

Line down the centre of the footpath.
From 1923 until the 1970s there was a bylaw requiring pedestrians to keep left on the major throughfares of the inner city.
The footpaths were painted with lines to facilitate this until the bylaw wasabolished in the early 1970s.
The elimination of the bylaw was due to the dramatic drop in the number of pedestrians in the inner city becuase so many daytime shoppers were favouring suburban malls.
The residential population of the inner city was dropping fast.
Likewise town planning rules had resulted in many businesses (especially light industry) relocating to areas such as Penrose, Rosebank Road or South Auckland - this meant the employees of these businesses were simply not wandering around the CBD during their lunch times.

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