New Living Streets Aotearoa tee shirts available now

We are thrilled to unveil our smart new tee shirts - the stunning prize for Walk2Work Day winners. These have been designed exclusively for us and can be ordered online, check out the resources page for details on how you can get one.

Thanks to Emily Bulkley for the new design (and Becky Bliss for our well loved logo inspiration for the tee shirts)



Tee shirt as seen out walking with two of the star walkers from Walk2Work Day 13 March. These two, both named Donna, tell their walk story thus

"Left home at stupid o'clock to walk to work for WALK2WORK DAY with my bestie. Left at 5am . . . got there 2 hours later. Well that was a DUMB idea! My legs are officially dead. Glad my bestie was there to crack the whip and enjoy the sunrise on the way."



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